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Keep people on your website longer  by giving them the most pleasant experience possible so you can teach them more, solve more problems for them, and ultimately make more money.

woman looking at website on tablet

4 simple ways your website can grow your email list

This might be the most important thing your website does and so many of us either don’t have it or have it totally wrong. The 4 tips in this episode will help your website accomplish the job it’s meant to do – get people on your email list! But not for the reasons you might think.

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16 reasons why you don’t have a successful website

You can come up with several reasons you aren’t seeing success with your website. But, maybe you’re thinking of this all wrong. If these 16 reasons weren’t on your list, it might be time to rethink a few your strategy. These 16 reasons will help you start making more money and serving more people.

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Misty Marsh celebrating 100 episodes

The Best of the goodness squad | episodes & people

We did it! We made it to the 100th episode of The Goodness Squad podcast. As a thank you to all of you for going on this journey with me, I am highlighting you. You will hear about women just like you, in the trenches of motherhood and building an online business. They are also sharing the most personally impactful episodes of TGS podcast. If you’re just discovering the podcast, these are some great places to start.

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why it’s good that not everyone loves your website

If your goal is to have everybody like your website and your business and your ideas, then you are holding yourself back from success. You do not need everybody to like your website. In fact, you should not want everybody to like your website. Listen up and I’ll tell you 2 good reasons why it’s a good thing.

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woman looking at mobile phone versus laptop

3 reasons your website should be mobile responsive and mobile friendly

In today’s on-the-go world, the majority of people are using their mobile devices to access information online. If you want to be interesting and helpful with your website, it needs to be mobile friendly! These tips will help you learn how to make sure your website is both pleasing to the eye and user friendly on a cell phone.

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woman casually working on website

7 reasons why it’s impossible to have a completely finished website

We all like to cross tasks off the list and be done with them. But, I’m here to tell you that you cannot do that with your website. It’s like home maintenance, finishing your website isn’t possible. You’re never going to be completely done. And that’s a good thing! These 7 reasons will help you understand why this is one task you don’t want to cross off your list completely.

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woman taking photos with iphone

4 rules for using photos to impress your website visitors

The photos you use on your website are key to one very important thing. Whether your visitors know it or not, the photos on your website will make them feel something. And those emotions will play a big factor in whether or not people will trust you enough to work with you or purchase something from you. These 4 rules will help you know what to look for when choosing which photos to include on your website and social media.

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woman thinking about her website

how to create a homepage that helps people and makes you money

Your homepage is a lot like a second date. By the time people are on your homepage, they already know you somewhat. This is not the place to tell them all your hobbies and why you do what you do. This is where you need to tell your visitors how you solve their problems and how they can work with you. This is how you help them and how you make more money.

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woman shopping for the right thing

How to design your website the Home Depot way

When you walk into Home Depot (or CostCo), there are so many different ways to find exactly what you are looking for. They might not be the prettiest stores, but there are signs and people everywhere to help you get exactly what you need. Your website should function this same way. Pretty websites are great, but a pretty website is not what allows you to help more people.

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woman blogging

3 areas of your website you need to fix now

Missed Opportunities. I don’t want you to have any of those when it comes to your website. These three areas on your website are often missed opportunities but if you make a few changes you’ll be able to help more people.

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woman writing her about page

How to make your about page about you without making it about you

The words on every page of your website need to be intentional. They need to make your clients feel something. And one of the most important things you want them to feel is SEEN. Your about page is one of the best places to help your client know that you understand their problems and that you are the person to offer them solutions.

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women creating a homepage

8 sections you need to create the best homepage design

You need to think about your homepage the same way you would a job interview. There are certain things you need to convey to the person interviewing you – like why are the right person for the job. You need to tell them how you will serve them. The same is true of your website homepage. This formula will help you accomplish this goal.

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make money

5 ways to make money online as a content marketer

You’re doing your best to use your talents to bring light and goodness to the world. Way to go! But, if you’re going to be sacrificing all your precious time to do so, you need to be getting paid. Listen in to hear the 5 ways you can make money online.

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