1 Easy Way to Sell Your Product Without a Website: Use ConvertKit!

Stop letting your website hold you back from selling the products you've already created. It's okay (and even easy) to start selling your products while you are working on getting your website up and running. In this tutorial, I'll show you how simple it can be to sell a product without a website using ConvertKit.

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Did you know there’s a product out there that will not only allow you to automate all of your email marketing, but will also allow you to sell your product without a website? Mind blown.

This would have been huge for me when I created my very first digital product. I spent way too long on the product itself. It took me 18 months to create a simple e-book.

But then I had to figure out how to take an order and collect someone’s money when they wanted my e-book. I had no idea how to make my website do that. It felt complicated and overwhelming. I eventually figured it all out, but I spent a lot of time figuring out how to sell online.

If you are in that situation, then today’s video is for you.

The 1 tool I recommend to help you sell your product without a website

I am going to show you how to use ConvertKit (affiliate link) to sell your digital product in just minutes.

If you do not yet have a ConvertKit account, you can use this link (affiliate link) to sign up.

If you do already have a ConvertKit account, hit pause, get signed in and then come back and I’ll walk you through it.

The steps you need to take to start selling your digital product online

The first thing we’re going to do is click on Earn and then Products.

The next step is to set up payments. You’re gonna click on this button down here at the right.

It’s then going to ask if you’re an individual or a company. Well, my actual business is an LLC. This is a practice account that I only use to to create tutorials, so I’m going to leave it on individual and choose Continue.

It’ll ask for your email address. Choose continue. It’s going to ask for your phone number. Choose continue. It will send you a verification code at that phone number. Simply type it in.

It’s going to ask for the last four digits of your phone number. Please note that they’re not actually running a credit check, it’s simply for identity purposes only. Choose your industry. Type in your website. If you do not have a website, you can even just drop a link to your Instagram profile. In order to grab that link, head over to your profile, click on the URL up here.

You’re gonna choose your bank. It’ll ask you to log in to that bank account. Choose the account that you want to share with ConvertKit. Now, please know, ConvertKit isn’t going to actually see any of this information. No employee in ConvertKit is gonna be able to log in and see your account number. It’s all done in an extremely secure way.

The purpose of this is so that ConvertKit can deposit the money they collect for you into your checking. Once you’re done choose Connect My Account. Choose Save to link. So it’s asked you to collect an account for payouts.

Review your details and agree. And choose agree and submit.

And your next step is to create a product. Title your product – I’m gonna put in one of my products, that’s called the Workbook Wizard.

You have two options, you can have someone pay once or have a subscription. Maybe you wanna create a membership where somebody gets access to content once a month. And you’re going to deliver that content via email. This could be a good option for a subscription. But for my product, it’s simply a PDF download so I’m just going to choose Product and then Next.

How do you want people to pay for your product?

You can choose to let people pay a one time price. You can choose to let them pay whatever they want or to set up a payment plan. Maybe you have a product that is multiple hundreds or thousands of dollars and you can split that into a few payments. This is different from a membership where it’s ongoing until they cancel.

I’m gonna say that this is $29. You can allow customers to choose a quantity. Do you want them to be able to purchase more than one of this product at a time? Choose your currency. Now you’re telling them what your product actually is. Is it a digital download a newsletter or something else? This could be coaching or services or something like that, where you simply want to be able to send people to a page where they can pay in order to access a service of yours.

Mine happens to be a digital download, that’s what we’re focused on here today, something just very simple. So I’m gonna leave it on digital download here. And now you’re going to upload that file to convert kit.

Choose Next. And now it wants you to decide what is the URL going to be (where are you going to send people)? What you’re doing is choosing the last piece of that. So right here, it has Workbook Wizard, but I could change this to just be Workbook Template. You can make it whatever you want and then choose Create Product.

Customizing your product pages

If you’ve used ConvertKit before you know how to style and use their template pages. Let’s click on the image. We can choose Replace and Choose a File. So there’s my picture of my Workbook Wizard.

Click to type in your description. Click on the button. You can change the color to one of your brand colors. You can change the font size, the radius, anything that you want to edit, you simply click on it and you can change the color over here. All the options that you’re able to change will show up here over on the right.

If you click on General Styles, this is where you’re going to be able to change the actual font that you’re using for your titles and your body font. You can add a background, change borders, change the colors of input labels, and so on.

If you want to get rid of your Built With ConvertKit tag. Come down here and uncheck that and it will disappear. It shows here in grey, but it won’t appear on your actual page.

Remember, this is just the first page of your product that people come to to decide if they want to purchase it. You still have three more pages you need to customize. So we’ll click on Checkout. And this is their checkout form. Once they hit the Buy Now button, then they can go to checkout and they can put in their credit card information.

You can even add an upsell here. So if you had a second product, you could ask “do you want to add another product to your cart” and people could add a second product. This can be a great way to really increase your order value. There’s less that you can customize here because it’s going to match whatever you do over here. So your button will be the same color. Your image is going to be the same.

Your confirmation page has a few more things you can customize. If you click on this, you can change the background color to a color that better suits your brand. And you can change the text to whatever you want it to say.

Next choose your Receipt Email. And again, you can change the text. And then this download button is where they will actually download your product.

Once you have everything like you want it choose Save and then choose Publish. And this is your link right here. You’re going to copy this and if you paste this into a web browser, ceople can then come to the page where you are selling your product. It’s super fast and super easy.

How to set up a discount code for your product using ConvertKit

Let me show you a couple of other cool things. You’ll see here it says Include a Discount Code.

But first we have to set up that discount code. So we’re gonna go to here to Settings. Over on the left, we’re going to go to Discounts and we’re going to add a discount code.

You can make the code whatever you want. Choose the discount amount as a percentage or a dollar amount. So we’ll say I’m giving $5 off this product. You can limit it or just leave it with the little infinity loop and that means it can be used as many times as you want. Then choose Save.

Now, when you go back to share this, choose Publish. If this is off, you can turn it on and then choose your code. Now you can see that added my code at the end. This means that if someone were to click on this it’s automatically going to apply the discount. So you can see now it’s $24, even if I turn this off. If I were to share that link that has the code at the end of it, it is still going to be $24. So be careful about sharing this link. Anyone who has that link will always be able to get it for $24 unless you go delete the coupon code.

If I were to share this link without the coupon code at the end, it will always be the $29 even if the coupon code exists. But this means that your people don’t even have to remember their coupon codes. They can simply click on a link that has a coupon code and get the discounted price. Anytime you need to, you simply go back in to your Settings>Discounts and click this X button to delete the code.

Now, if I were to go to the link that has the coupon code and pull it up, it’s the $29 and it’s gonna say the coupon is not valid. So if you have a limited time coupon, you can remove the coupon and anybody who uses that link will see the full price after that point. But as long as the coupon is active, if they use that code they will get the discount.

Now you’re ready to sell your product online without a website!

And that’s it, super simple. You can now sell your product online, share the link on your social media profiles. If you have a website, you can share it on your website. Put it in your email signature, tell your friends about it. And get people purchasing that amazing product that you created!

If you’re liking ConvertKit and want to learn even more, check out this video where I give you four different ways to use tags inside of ConvertKit to either help you save time or make more money.

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