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Tech School

Stop freaking out over tech

Get out of your own way with WordPress tech tutorials you can trust

without searching YouTube for hours.

If you...

Don't have hours

To spend googling outdated YouTube videos that are 47 minutes long with only 3 minutes of semi-helpful content…

If you...

Don't have $$$$

To spend on a developer who charges $300 for something that would take you 15 hours, but only takes him 1 hour…

You have another choice!

What if:

Introducing: Tech School

A stockpile of easy to search video tutorials that walk you through WordPress in simple language.

Tech school is different:

  • Searchable

    Once you've found the tutorial you need, you can search it (yes the actual video) and with one click be taken to the exact place in that video that I say the word you are looking for

  • To the point

    Unlike YouTube videos, I don't tell you about who I am and ask you to subscribe in every video. I get right to the point. Most videos are between 3-7 minutes long and focus on just one task at a time

Kristen wants you to know:

Go ahead try searching this video!  Hit play and then the search icon in the top right corner.  That’s how you’ll search videos in Tech School too!

"Misty's saved me so much time and money"

Misty has saved me so much time and money! Misty’s advice has been invaluable in helping me understand which hosting service, website plugins, course platforms, and email marketing platform options will fit my needs without breaking the bank. The options for these are endless when you’re building a website or course and I have saved literally hundreds of dollars by following Misty’s tech advice— she has saved me from a lot of unnecessary purchases as well as guiding me to make a few quality purchases that have been so beneficial to my business. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

With Tech School you Can Stop:

(These are the things you’ve told me you struggle with – exact quotes)

So you can:

Finally grow your business and help the people you are meant to help.  There are people out there who need YOU and what YOU have to offer.  But tech holds you back.  Let me help with the tech so you can focus on helping those I can’t.  Tech is a skill I have.  But you have knowledge, skills, and life experience that I don’t have and your people NEED you.

Megan is spending more time on what she loves

Tech school has given me the help I needed to push past road-blocks that have been frustrating me for years!
The tech side of blogging has always been incredibly daunting to me. I can write, photograph, and graphic design all day long, but trying to get my website to look and function the way I want to has been a long-standing frustration…until now. 
Tech school has given me the help I needed to push past road-blocks that have been frustrating me for years! Misty’s tutorials are easy-to-follow, thorough, and cover so many topics. Misty truly cares about helping women succeed in spreading goodness to the world, and she is really good at breaking down the tech barriers that keep so many of us from moving forward. 
I may never love the tech side of blogging, but Tech School has given me the knowledge and confidence I need to achieve my goals. Now I spend less time searching for answers and more time on the parts of my business that I love! I still have so much work to do, but now I know where to go for help as I continue to build my business. Thank you, Misty!

Get Instant Access To Tech School

If you are ready to quit freaking out over tech, I want you in Tech School!

Tech School

1 time payment
$ 497
  • Access to all Tech School Tutorials Listed below
  • 30 minutes complimentary tech support via 1-on-1 video messaging
  • Access to all tutorial updates
  • Access to any additional tutorials added in the future
See all included tutorials here

  • WordPress Website Setup ($129 value)
  • Elementor Pro Setup -makes your site drag and drop ($89 value)
  • Woocommerce Setup – allows you to sell things on your site ($149 value)
  • Adding an order bump to your Woocommerce setup ($69 value)
  • How to setup a password protected resource library on your website ($49 value)
  • How to sell and ecourse on your website without a membership plugin ($69 value)
  • Accessally setup – the best membership and course plugin out there. Can also be used to build funnels ($249 value)
  • The Standout Canva Training ($89 value)
  • ConvertKit Setup  – the best email marketing platform out there ($129 value)

Coming Soon:

  • Cartflows (build funnels with Woocommerce) – $99 value
  • Searchie (my 2nd favorite place to build courses) – $149 value

30 day no questions asked money back guarantee

I am certain Tech School will change your business for the better.  In fact, I am so sure that I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Just email me and tell me  why/how it was not helpful (so I can improve it in the future).  I won’t hold you to any silly rules or give you any hoops to jump through.  

I'm Misty Marsh

I built tech school for you

Misty holding you've got this flag

I’ve been involved in online content marketing since 2008.  I built 3 businesses in that time – one that was successful enough to sell for 6 figures.

But I’ve been where you are at:

  • Hours away from my family trying to figure out things I now know are fairly simple – like how to make it so someone could pay me for a product I’d created
  • 3:00 am tears – or sobs actually – over tech issues that cost me thousands of dollars
  • Paying a developer hundreds of dollars to do something I now know only took him 20 minutes

In fact, I used to pray that God would let me quit.  I didn’t want to learn all the tech that went on behind an online business.  It was just too hard.  But God’s answer was always no.  I needed to push through it.

And now I know why.

I had to push through it and REALLY learn the tech so I could:

  1. Understand where you are at and how you feel
  2. Help you rise above it and grow your business faster than I did mine

If you feel like I used to, I sincerely hope you will join me inside of Tech School.

Is Tech School Right for you?

Tech School is not the right fit for anyone and everyone, and I’d rather you figure that out now then waste your time.

Tech School IS right for you if:
Tech School is NOT right for you if:

* See FAQ below for more about this

Tech School Focuses on the Following Tools:

The info (tutorials and Ask Me Anything topics) inside of tech school teach (or will teach) about the following tools because these are the tools I know inside and out.   I will do my best to help you with any tech tool, but I can only guarantee full support of the following:

Joy Loves having a resource she can trust

Misty's saved me hours

When you come into this new and you have no idea what you’re doing, like me, having someone to point you in the right direction, to know that there’s this one place I can go to, someone who I trust and I don’t have to go look on Google for an hour trying to find someone that I think might be legitimate, it makes a big difference.  Misty’s saved me hours.

For me, doing Tech School was the best thing for my website out of everything. Being able to say, “Hey, what about this?” And Misty saying, “well, let me research that and then I’ll find out for you,” that’s huge.  


What tools do you teach about in Tech School?

For Website Stuff:

I focus on WordPress and plugins (like apps) for WordPress I know how to use exceptionally well for WordPress.  I currently have tutorials for:

  • How to setup hosting for a WordPress website WPMUDEV
  • How to setup your WordPress website the right way (so you actually understand it)
  • How to design your WordPress website using Elementor Pro (including customizing your theme, popups and forms)
  • How to setup a store on your WordPress website using Woocommerce and a few more advanced Woocommerce tricks (like order bumps)
  • How to create and sell an ecourse without a membership plugin
  • How to setup a course membership on your WordPress website using Accessally
Email tools:

How to setup ConvertKit the right way

Other tools:

Right now you will find:

  • How to use Canva for beginners
  • Basic and advanced Canva hacks
  • Canva free vs Pro
  • Elementor free vs Pro

Tools I know I will be adding tutorials for overtime:

  • Yoast SEO (a tool that helps you optimize the searchability of your WordPress blog posts)
  • Searchie (my 2nd favorite place for creating ecourses)
  • Cartflows (how setup a funnel with Woocommerce)
  • How to setup a funnel with Accessally
Ask Me Anything:

In addition to the “official” tutorials, I also answer all sorts of tech questions about all sorts of tool in Ask Me Anything such as:

  • How to create and deliver a freemium
  • How to create a popup
  • Embedding video
  • How to protect your site from spam
  • Podcast tech questions
  • Canned responses in gmail
  • Sales funnels
  • Sales pages

And much, much more.  All these videos are saved and searchable so you will find many answers there as well.

You get 1 month complimentary access to Ask Me Anything with your Tech School purchase (a $69 value)

Do I have to use Elementor Pro to take advantage of Tech School?

Elementor Pro is an incredibly robust page/theme builder available and I am very adept at using it.  I can answer any question about it that you can throw at me, so if you do use it, I can help you design the website of your dreams.


To be 100% truthful, if you do not have Elementor Pro (affiliate), there will be some tutorials that will not be helpful to you.


But there will be many that still are.  The basic WordPress tutorials or how to setup a store on your site,  how to create a membership site etc. will all still apply.  In addition, much of what I teach can be done with the free Elementor Page builder.


But without at least the free page builder, even though you’ll know how to create a store or a membership etc., you will have to figure out how to design the pages inside of your store or membership on your own using your theme.  There is no possible way I can provide support for any and all themes, and I don’t offer custom coding.


So while Elementor Pro (affiliate) isn’t required for Tech School, it is highly recommended.


But I truly believe Elementor Pro to be an investment that is WELL worth it for your business. It means you can change anything and everything about the design of your site without ever having to hire a designer.  It’s only $49 per year! Just do it!  (affiliate)

Are all of the tutorials available immediately or do they get released to me over time ?

You get access to everything right away!  No waiting.  And I add more tutorials regularly so the tutorials you have access to will keep growing.

How often will new tutorials be added to Tech School?

I add new tutorials as I find volunteers for them.  I need someone who wants to use that tool for their business to let me use their site to create each tutorial.  Join Tech School and I could use your site – you’d get hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of work for free.

I've already got a website. I'm fairly experienced. Will Tech School be helpful for me?

If you have a website, but want to add a store, course or membership, then yes, I believe Tech School will be worth it for you.

If you don’t need help with those things, then Ask Me Anything will be a better choice for you.  

*You will also want to read the answer to the “Do I have to use Elementor Pro” question above.

I'm brand new - I haven't even started a website yet. Will Tech School be helpful for me?

Yay!  Then I will walk you through how to do it right the first time!

But in answer to your question, yes, Tech School will be perfect for you.  The tutorial series will walk you right through getting your site online and getting your pictures and text to look just like you want them to.

What if I use Click funnels/Kajabi/Podia/Squarespace etc. for my website?

I do not currently have any tutorials inside of Tech School for these tools.  There are a few reasons for this:

  • I don’t (yet) have experience with these tools, so I can create WordPress tutorials much faster
  • I personally prefer (and typically recommend) to have 100% control of my website and content.  Most of these “all in one” platforms have restrictions that frustrate me.  By trying to meet everyone’s needs and do ALL THE THINGS, they often sacrifice in quality OR flexibility.
  • Quality over Quantity.  I want to keep my tutorials current and I don’t want to have tutorials for so many different tools that I can’t keep up and provide the quality I want to inside of Tech School


What if I use Ontraport/Active Campaign/Keap/Mailchimp for my email service provider?

I only support ConvertKit as I feel very strongly about it being the BEST place to have your email list.

Tell me more about Ask Me Anything

The idea is that when you are new online (or even if you’ve not), it can be hard to get answer to your questions from someone that you trust without paying hundreds of dollars an hour for coaching. 

I want you to be able to ask me any question at all about your business and get an honest, helpful answer. 

We can do a deep dive into your messaging.  I can log onto your website and fix a tech issue for you. I can do an audit/assessment of your website design.  Truly, anything!

You can submit questions anytime at all.  I spend 30 minutes answering questions every day (Monday – Friday) except holidays and an occasional vacation.

All answers (video and written) are posted publicly in the Ask Me Anything community.  You can also search the actual video transcripts for any word and be taken to the exact spot I say that word in any/all of the videos.

Your Tech School membership includes 1 complimentary month’s access to Ask Me Anything (a $69 value)

What if I want a refund?

I plan to exceed your expectations with Tech School.  I want you to feel like you are getting a bargain.  

But if you decide Tech School isn’t for you, just send me an email letting me know why it didn’t work for you (so I can improve it) in the first 30 days and I will refund your money no questions asked.

What if I have a question?

If you have questions about accessing content or billing etc, my assistant, you will be able to contact my assistant Audra or I and we will take care of you.


If you are a Bronze Tech School member and have questions about your website tech, you can ask inside The Goodness Squad community where I, or other members can respond.

If you are a Platinum Tech School member, you can submit questions to me anytime you want.  I will answer these questions twice a week during a live “Ask Me Anything” session.  These sessions are recorded if you cannot attend live.

I have a question not answered here

Just send me an email at

Michelle says tech school = no stress at all:

Tech School Is A Godsend

Tech School is literally a Godsend for me! I’ve literally spent two weeks trying to get it set up so people could join my email list. Google eventually showed me the right way but it was after a lot of trial and error, stress and so much time wasted! Compare that to this last week when I was able to put together a beautiful freemium (Thank you Misty for the templates!), set up the landing page, create a whole automation and email series, and connect it all to my website. More than double the amount of work, half the time, no stress at all, and it looks professional and beautiful. I really can’t say this loud enough: I LOVE MISTY AND TECH SCHOOL!