Accessally Academy

dIY an automated course experience your students will rave about

Even if you are scared you'll mess up all the complicated tech

STOP Letting the tech part of your course hold you back

You don't have to keep running around in circles
you don't have to empty your savings

You can DIY Your course

Picture This:

It's totally possible and YOU can DIY it!


Accessally Academy

How smart women get a stellar course experience up and running quickly
without wasting time or becoming so frustrated they want to give up

Accessally Academy Includes:

Video Vault

Bookmarked videos walk you through 1 tiny tech step at a time so you never get lost and can always go back and quickly find something you previously learned if you need to go back and do it again.

Action steps

Mark off every tiny tech step once you've completed it so you do things in the right order and don't forget anything important.

weekly Q&A

6 weeks of Q&A calls you can join when you get stuck. Share your screen so I can see exactly what the issue is. I'll login to your site and you can watch me fix it for you - and watch the recording later if you forget.

Templates & swipe files

Quickly design your course pages and workbooks using templates and write your emails fast using swipe files.

Free Stuff!

I get it. Tech isn't fun for you. I've built motivation into the program! Earn points by completing homework. Trade points for 1-on-1 time with me or cash!

Lifetime access

Pay once and get Access to the pre-recorded trainings and templates (including any updates made to them) for as long as Accessally Academy is available for sale.

Bonus #1:

ConvertKit Camp: Value $149

Get your ConvertKit Account Setup the Right Way

Accessally works with ConvertKit.  If you don’t have an account yet, no worries!  This tutorial will walk you through setting up your account and make sure you understand how ConvertKit works

Bonus #2:

Canva Clinic: Value $79

Learn to use Canva like the pros

Canva is an easy way to quickly create quality thumbnails, workbooks and slides for your course – but only if you know how to use it well.  This tutorial will make sure you do.

Bonus #3*:

How to create your Curriculum the Right way: Value $199

By Deb Of DBCourse Strategies Who Has Over 20 Years Experience In Creating Transformational Courses

All the tech in the world won’t do you any good if you curriculum falls flat. This class will make sure that doesn’t happen to you!

*Coming Sept 2023

Choose your path:

Foundational Membership


or 3 payments of $210

VIP membership


or 6 payments of $275

Save $380 over what you'd pay if you bought it all separately

hey there,

I'm Misty

You've Got This!

I’ve been in the online marketing world since 2008. I’ve had failed businesses and 6-figure businesses all while raising 4 kids (who were all born within 3 years of each other).  Things at our house are often a bit crazy-sauce. Maybe you can relate?

I get that family is important to you. I also know you feel called to be in this online business world.  Those 2 priorities compete on the daily.

Sadly, you are floundering. You sometimes wonder how much longer you can keep going.

You’ve got a course (or digital membership) idea, but you the tech is holding you back. You know what you want to teach, but don’t have the first clue how to create a course ona technical level.

And it’s even worse because you don’t want one of those underwhelming, cookie-cutter style courses. You sincerely want to make a difference in your learner’s lives.

I’ve been there. I’ve felt paralyzing fear that I’ve gotten myself into something tech-wise that I can’t succeed at a great cost to my kids.

But I’ve also relied on God and mentors He has directed me to in order to push past that fear and finally create a course that makes a REAL difference in other’s lives and makes REAL money for my family.

If you know you are supposed to create a course, but feel paralyzed because of the tech, I hope you will seriously consider enrolling in Accessally Academy.   I want to help because I believe you have something unique that the world needs.  I sincerely believe that turning your course into an experience could make all the difference.

Trusted By:

The Video Vault:

Wondering what videos are in the vault?*

*There are a few videos that have not been created yet, but will be added soon. These are marked with an asterick

Basic Setup

I’ll walk you through everything that only needs to be done ONCE.  Things like:

Course Access and Release

I’ll walk you through setting up a course and the various ways you can “release” the content (immediately after purchase, every x days/weeks or when the previous lesson is completed)

Page Design

Tips (and templates) to help you design the perfect course homepage, module pages and lesson pages

Cross-Selling Dashboard

If you have more than 1 course/membership/ebook you want to sell, this tutorial will walk you through how to set up a page where people can see everything they have access to (in color) AND everything they don’t (in black and white). This creates naturally curiosity and you’ll get sales of your products without actively “selling”.

Getting Paid

I’ll show you all the various ways you can get paid (including FUNNELS!)


Learn how to send emails (and use templates to make it easier):

Encourage Progress:

Customize your course experience by picking and choosing what you’ll add to it:

Deepen Learning

Customize your course experience by picking and choosing what you’ll add to it:

Make learning easier

Customize your course experience by picking and choosing what you’ll add to it:

Affiliate Program*

Sell more of your course by offering commission to those who recommend it to others


Learn how to setup a Facebook-like community (or multiple communities) right INSIDE your course


Learn how to handle common customer service requests