Why you need to be repurposing your content

The Goodness Squad Podcast Episode #5

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Show Notes:

Bloggers and content creators create content because they want others to read, listen to, or watch it.  But the fact is not everyone always reads every blog post, podcast episode or YouTube video.  I’ve got a secret for you: that is actually a good thing! It means you can save time by repurposing content.


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Not everyone consumes every piece of content that you create. And that's a good thing.


This is episode #5 of The Goodness Squad podcast. We write articles so that people read them. We don’t want to write something and have nobody read it, but today I am going to tell you that it can actually be a good thing that not everyone reads everything that you write.


Sometimes as bloggers or as podcasters or as influencers, we get frustrated because not everyone reads or listens to or consumes the content that we create. We also have a different problem as content creators, and the first problem is actually the solution to this second problem.


Why it’s good not everyone reads all of your content


We struggle with time, right? We’re busy moms, we’re busy women. We have a lot of responsibilities and trying to fit in everything it takes to be successful, as an online entrepreneur, can feel extremely overwhelming. We feel a need to be on every single platform – to have a blog and to have a podcast and to have a YouTube channel and to have an Instagram account and Facebook and Pinterest and Twitter, and we start to hyperventilate. Because it feels like too much.


Oftentimes we give up. I have seen many women give up because they feel like they need to be everywhere at once and they simply can’t and this is sad to me. So today, I want to talk to you about the solution to that problem. And the solution lies in the fact that not everyone consumes every piece of content that you create.


You might have fans who are on Instagram, who are never on YouTube. Or you might have fans who always read your blog posts, but don’t even have an Instagram account. Or maybe some of your fans are podcast people and they don’t like to read what you put on your blog.


My favorite tool for creating more content


This is not a bad thing. I promise you, it’s not. What this means is that you can repurpose your content. For example, you could record a video of yourself teaching something that you want to write a blog post on. Take that video and upload it to a program like the one I use called Descript. I will leave a link to Descript in the show notes.


I love this program because it makes it so easy for me to turn one piece of content into multiple pieces of content.  I upload that video to Descript. And then I can extract just the audio from it, and now I have a podcast episode. Descript automatically transcribes that video for me and I can extract those words and create a blog post out of that video. Now I have three pieces of content in three different places, and it doesn’t take me that much more time than it took for me to simply record the video.


We can take this one step further and you can pull out sound snippets or written quotes or video snippets to use on social media. You can put those up in your Facebook group or on Instagram or Instagram stories. You can share quotes from your article on Twitter.


People are following you everywhere and they aren’t reading or watching or listening to every piece of content you consume. You can reuse content and this saves you time and it makes it so much easier to be on multiple platforms at once. This is such an exciting concept.


Reposting old content IS a content strategy


We can do something else with this. Once you have posted something on social media, guess what? Only a very small percentage of those who follow you are going to see that post. So you can repost the exact same post, six months or 12 months later, and guess what? It’s very likely that completely different people are going to see the post and you didn’t have to write another post.


I use a program called Smarterqueu, for this purpose. I recycle my content. I upload it once. I tell them how often I want them to post that to that social platform, and they automatically do it for me. And the only thing I have to do is engage, respond to comments. But I do not have to think of content to post there over and over and over again. Isn’t this fantastic?


Ideas for repurposing your content


So, go try this. Think about how you can implement this into your business. Maybe you don’t do videos, but could you read a blog post and turn it into a podcast episode? Even if you don’t have an actual podcast, could you read a blog post and embed the audio? WordPress has its own audio player. You can upload audio directly to WordPress and have it play. And then if someone comes and they don’t have the time to read because they’re doing their hair and makeup, they could listen to your blog post instead of having to read it.


Can you go back through old blog posts and pull out snippets and quotes that you can use on different social media platforms?


Find One Way to Repurpose Your Content


Your assignment today is to find one way to repurpose content. Because remember, nobody consumes every single piece of content that you create. And this means that by repurposing it you’re benefiting yourself – spending less time getting out content to those who need it. You are also benefiting them because even if they do listen to you or follow you on multiple social platforms, they might miss it on your podcast and then later read it on your blog. Or maybe miss it on Facebook, but later find it on Instagram. So you are helping them as well.


Coming Up


In the next episode we are going to be talking about one simple tip that will get more of your email subscribers to say yes to what you are offering. 


If you are not an official member of The Goodness Squad yet, head on over here. I have lots of free gifts for you and downloads there, but that’s not the best part. The best part is the other women that will provide community, encouragement, friendship, and reassurance. In order to succeed online, we need each other’s faith, fortitude, competence and feedback.

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