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The Goodness Squad Podcast Episode #103

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Show Notes:

Running a business as a mom is hard no matter how committed or skilled you are. Melanie Papworth from Plan for Awesome is sharing some tips that will help you, as a new blogger, keep your business moving forward even when you feel like quitting. You are not alone in feeling like it’s too hard at times.

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I personally believe that your time is far more valuable than your money because your time, you can't earn more of.


Welcome to episode #103 of The Goodness Squad podcast. I have a really fun guest for you. She is one of my very favorite people in the entire world and has become a dear friend. I told you I was bringing experts on, so today’s expert is Melanie from Plan For Awesome and I’m calling her an expert because of the curse of knowledge.

It is really hard for me to remember what life was like 14 years ago when I started out online as a mompreneur. I want you to hear from somebody who’s a little bit closer to where you are. Melanie currently has a successful business online, but she hasn’t been online nearly as long as I have. I want you to hear from her because I think she remembers your pain and struggles and frustrations better than I do. So, welcome Melanie.


MELANIE: I feel like I’m an expert at failing. As you were saying that I was like, ‘What’s she going to call me an expert in? Failure?”

MISTY: You’re right. That’s exactly right. You’re an expert in failure because we all have to be! You cannot be a successful entrepreneur unless you get really comfortable with failure. That’s really what it takes. So first, tell me, why did you start your online business? Why did you decide to become a mompreneur?

MELANIE: Honestly, my sister-in-law called me and said, ‘why aren’t you a blogger?’ And I was like, ‘I don’t know. What are you talking about?’ She was like, ‘did you know that you can make money doing that? Like basically everything I call you for and ask you.’ Because she’s a few years behind me in parenting and she had young kids and she would call me for advice and things like that.

She really put the bug in my ear and I launched a month later. I went from that phone call saying, ‘you’re crazy’ to I had purchased a domain within three days and I was doing this and I was committed and everything. It just made sense.

I’m a total multitasker. If I’m ever doing something for myself, I will record it or I’ll try to find a way to share it with someone else so that they can use it too. I want to justify the time I’m spending to make a process or to create a checklist or to do this research or whatever. I’m just a big researcher and so it really appealed to me.

I was like, ‘oh yeah, duh, that would be awesome. I would love that. Sure. Let’s do it.’ I was doing the work for my house. I might as well just do a little bit more work and put it up online. That was the original idea. That’s all bloggers do, right? They just write an article and they throw it up on the internet and they make money. That’s how it works. So heck yeah, sign me up. That’s brilliant. Tell me where to sign up. So that’s why I’m here.

MISTY: So tell me about the next couple months after you got that domain. You got started and then what really happened?

MELANIE: I learned that it was just a little more than that. But I love it. I’m one of those nerds who loved school and loved studying and loved learning and all of that. My only negative really was that I couldn’t freeze time. I don’t mind learning the stuff and jumping through the hoops, it’s more of a time thing for me.

I was shocked at how much work it was. But I was still like, that’s okay. Because once I learn it, it’ll be easy and it’ll go faster and I can do this, you know? I just told myself, ‘Okay, SEO, once I learn that and I’ve got that down pat, it’ll be smooth sailing.’ I think that was the first term that I heard. I didn’t really understand how Google worked or how Pinterest worked, but I’m gonna watch this YouTube video and I’m going to be an expert in it and I’m going to move on and then it’s going to be easy. And I just kept doing that with every single thing. 

MISTY: Were you making money that first 3, 4 or 5 months?

MELANIE: Nope. I never sat down and made a business plan. But, in my head, it was basically what my sister-in-law had said. She was like, ‘yeah, people make money because you get to put ads on your website once you hit a certain number of views.’ 

So my goal was just page views. I was chasing page views. That was my plan. But along the way, I thought, ‘well, I can do the affiliate thing.’ So I applied to be an affiliate with Amazon because I just thought, ‘sure, that’s easy money. I’ll link to things.’ Not to be slimy, but my niche is emergency preparedness and at the time I was also doing organization. I just thought when it’s natural to link to something, I’ll link there and I’ll make a little money along the way and it’ll be great. This is going to be great, easy peasy. I was super excited to get a $50 paycheck from Amazon, for sure.

That was a big deal. I just was expecting the page views to come easier. I had this vision that I was going to give it one year, full steam ahead. And at the end of the year, I was going to have a full-time income. I was sure of it because I’m a really hard worker. I’m super motivated. I was staying up late. I was very consistent. I was staying up until 2-3am, twice a week because I was writing two blog posts a week. And I was sending out an email every Tuesday.

I was very on top of it for a year. I had over 100 posts at the end of one year. I was very dependable and I knew that I was; I knew that I would make this happen. I’m sounding super conceited, but I was like, ‘no, I am the personality for this. I can do this. I’ll make this happen.’

MISTY: I’m going to assume that those listening can relate to some of your thoughts. When you’re saying, ‘oh, I just need to learn this one more thing and then I’ll be there. Oh, just one more thing then I’ll have it figured out. Oh, I didn’t know that there was this other thing and I have to do that and then I’ll figure it out.’

Or even setting the goal of a year. I mean, you have heard me on Instagram. Even recently, I talked about how you should give yourself about a year. But, the problem that so many people face (and that you faced) is that you don’t do the right things during that year.

You might be working 20, 30, 40 hours a week for a year, but if you aren’t doing the right stuff, it doesn’t really get you to where you want to go. That happens when you do it without a guide.

MELANIE: That’s what happens when you don’t listen to Misty. But, to be fair, I didn’t know Misty, so I can’t fault myself for not following you because I didn’t know you yet. In fact, you hadn’t started your business yet.

MISTY: Melanie and I first met online when we were both teaching about emergency preparedness.

MELANIE: I met you through that Facebook group. You were doing emergency preparedness?

MISTY: You joined that group the last three or four months of my emergency preparedness business. So I knew I was probably selling it, but I was still part of that group. I actually thought you were way younger than you are, you look way younger than you are. I was like, ‘oh, she’s so pretty and she’s so peppy, she going to really be able to do it.’ That was my first impression of you.

MELANIE: Okay. Well, the first I heard from you in that group, you said ‘I’m starting a business. Anyone who wants to, sign up for my email or ask me anything.’

MISTY: Yeah. It was a little Facebook group where I met with people once a week and just let them ask me questions. I kept thinking you were going to take my spot in the emergency preparedness world. I was thinking, ‘am I going to like that?’ That was my initial impression.

That is no longer my impression. Melanie’s stuff, when it comes to emergency preparedness, is significantly better than mine ever was. She does really high quality work. She knows her stuff and she does a really good job of helping you learn it. So if you are interested in emergency preparedness, you absolutely need to go follow her. Don’t think that because she looks like she’s 22, that she doesn’t know it.

You do look like you’re in your early twenties. And I was like, ‘really? What’s this 20 year old girl doing? She can’t really know that much about emergency preparedness.’ So I just want to call attention to that. I did the same thing for a lot longer than you did quite honestly.

I did have to do what you were trying to do, you know, figure every little thing out on my own and it’s exhausting and it’s hard, but it’s not abnormal. So if you’re feeling that way, you’re totally normal. Both Melanie and I have gone through that. And it’s not easy. It’s lonely too.

Anything else you want to say about that phase of your business and how you felt?

MELANIE: It’s frustrating because you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and I’m kind of getting ahead of myself, but honestly the number one thing I wish I would have known, I really didn’t hear it until I met you Misty.

You told me to niche down. The whole concept was new to me when you said it and I hadn’t ever considered that. In fact, I knew I wanted to do emergency preparedness posts because that has always been a passion and an interest of mine. And I’m very organized and thoughtful with how I map things out.

This is my personality. I was so into it. I’m such a nerd. It wasn’t even my calling in church, I was the primary chorister for crying out loud, nothing to do with my calling. And I went to the Bishop and I said, ‘I want to teach. I am doing so much research. I’m finding so much good stuff and I’m weeding out the crap and I’m only keeping the nuggets and I’m price matching, and I’m doing all this work and it feels like a waste. This is a commandment for all of us. This is something all of us should be working on. And so I want to share that with people.’

So I taught classes at my house on Tuesday nights. I asked my friend if her daughter would come offer free babysitting in our playroom. This wasn’t a business. I just loved it. So I knew I wanted to do some emergency preparedness.

But then also, I had developed systems and chore charts – I was just super organized. My whole life is on Excel spreadsheets – I had a mom category and I had a home organization category and I just thought, ‘yeah this is what I’m going to do.’

MISTY: Well, let me ask you a question. Melanie was my first coaching client. She was the very first person to let me coach her. In that first Marco Polo coaching session, I told her, ‘You need to niche down. That’s your biggest problem. You’ve got to niche down.’ What was your reaction? What did you think? What did you say?

MELANIE: I have so many good ideas and to be fair, when we met, I was considering changing my niche. I was right at a crossroads. So, I niched down, but kind of to the wrong thing for awhile. And again, it feels like wasted time, but I’m glad that I did it because it’s solidified my journey and it kind of was nice that you had done emergency preparedness because you understood me.

It’s a really heavy topic. It is way too heavy to post two blog posts a week and be effective. It’s way too heavy. It’s too big. There’s too much research. There’s too much at stake. This isn’t just an opinion post, this is ‘I’m going to give you all of the things that you need to think about with this one teeny little thing in your emergency preparedness.’

I was kind of using these other topics to fill the space and to create content because they were easier. And to be honest, they were more fun. I was able to put more personality into them. Emergency preparedness is more factual. And so I just told you ‘I don’t think I can do emergency preparedness week after week, it’s draining.’

You changed my mindset by asking, “why do you feel that you need to pump out two blog posts a week? You don’t have to do that. If you’re going to do emergency preparedness, let’s do quality over quantity here.” And my mind was blown. I just had never considered that because everything I read said, consistency, consistency, consistency, and Google needs to see that you’re posting. Which is true, but for my niche that wasn’t possible.

MISTY: Consistency can be once a month. It doesn’t have to be once a week. A lot of times people hear the word consistent and they think of the word often and they aren’t the same thing. It’s just that you set a schedule for yourself and you stick to it and you look reliable online. Both Google and real people learn to expect things from you and when you’re going to do it and, and that’s enough, it doesn’t have to be any certain time frame.

MELANIE: Yeah. I really fought the niche thing for a good year. I really struggled. And honestly, I didn’t fully delete those posts until just a couple of months ago. You know, you had to hold my hand while I did it because it was so hard. You just pour your heart and soul into those posts.

And this is going back to that first year, I was working my butt off and I was putting in the hours my first year and I was putting my hours into good content. It was quality content, but I still had to delete it because once I believed you, that I needed to niche down, those things were actually hurting my website. Not niching down was the biggest mistake I made.

MISTY: Now I want you guys to realize that I recognize that sometimes when I say things like niche down, I can sound flippant. I can sound like, ‘well, that’s the answer, duh just go, go niche down.’ But you just heard Melanie, you pour your heart and soul into some of those things and it can be really, really, really hard to let go of things.

I have even experienced that, to a lesser degree with this business, I started really broad. I mean, it was just all LDS women but I would help you with anything you want to. But now, I’ve niched much more to, I’m going to help you with your website specifically. And I have seen more success with that, but it’s still hard. It’s always hard to niche down.

So that’s part of why I wanted to bring Melanie on here, because I want you to know that you’re not alone. You’re not alone in feeling frustrated and scared by some of the things that I say. It can be sad.

MELANIE: Yeah. It was really sad. Some of those posts that I deleted were getting really great Pinterest traffic too. I mean, like I said, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything good to share in another niche or in another topic. It’s just that you’re not going to reach as many people and be as memorable and all of that. And that’s what Misty helps you do.

MISTY: All right. I don’t have it right in front of me because I didn’t know that this was going to be your answer, but I will have Audra add a link to a podcast episode about niching down in the show notes. So if you’re interested in learning more about niching down and why it’s so important, check the show notes and you can find a link to that.

MELANIE: I believe every word of that podcast episode, trust me. You’re special, but you’re not different. That is the most essential first step.

MISTY: I would agree with you. So,  you’ve been doing this for about four years now, is that right?

MELANIE: Yeah. I launched in May, so I guess three and a half years, almost four years, crazy.

MISTY: So tell me about how you feel now. Right now you’re doing the right things. The first year, you weren’t making any money, but you still were motivated because you felt like it was always on the horizon. It’s just going to be one more thing. It’s going to be next month. 

And so you kept going, but not with real true confidence of knowing for sure. And so tell me, now that you know the right things to do and you’re making money, do you still have days where you feel like giving up or quitting?

MELANIE: Yes. All the time. It’s really hard.

MISTY: What makes it hard now?

MELANIE: I mean, lots of things, but I think it’s hard because it’s different. And it’s a long game. Even though I am making money now, it would still be easier to just teach piano. And I still do teach piano. That’s my other job. But it would still be easier to just teach piano and close the door on work for the day.

Unless I’m gearing up for a piano recital, there’s really no residual work that goes into it. And with this, you are legit running a business and probably most of the people listening are doing it totally solo. I don’t even have an assistant yet. I know I should, but I don’t. And so, it’s a lot and it’s overwhelming and it sounds really nice to show up to work and then have someone tell you what to do.

I’m going to be honest. This is a lot. And I feel like a lot of things like this (podcast), for instance, you don’t get paid for every Instagram post you put out, you don’t even get paid for every blog post you put out. Some of them bring in money directly that you can tell and others are just growing your audience or just being helpful for free or just showing up that day. You can’t put a dollar value on that.

Sometimes that’s really hard, especially for my personality, because when I teach a lesson, I get X amount of dollars and I worked this many hours. I get a paycheck for this much, and this is just different it’s kind of like investing money, right? It’s an end game and there are ups and downs and eventually, you’re going to get there and that’s why you started. And that’s why you’re doing this.

But the day-to-day, it’s hard to see your progress until you have a really good day or you launch a product or whatever, or a blog post does really awesome or whatever it might be, you know? But the day to day, it’s hard to see the results.

MISTY: Yeah, I totally agree with that. Even now, I’m making good money, but there’s just not that direct connection. I can go a whole day without working, because it’s not really that big of a deal. There’s no immediate consequence. It’s not like I don’t work today, I don’t lose hundreds of dollars because I’m getting paid hourly. It’s real easy to just say, ‘man, I’m just not going to work today or this hour or whatever.’ And I do that.

Were you surprised by how much time it takes to run a business? Really run a business?

MELANIE: Yes. Definitely yes.

MISTY: I think I hear from a lot of you who are listening here, that we have this false dream where we think, “I’m going to be a blogger and I’m going to make six figures and I’m going to work 10 hours a week and I’m going to do it from home and I’m going to always be available for my kids.”

It’s just not reality. And I don’t ever want to be that person who gives you that false reality. This is a real job. I think running a real business, a quality business, that doesn’t scam people, that really serves people, solves problems for them and makes you full-time income, takes 40 plus hours a week. And I don’t think it will ever take less.

In fact, I think it will take more like 60-80 hours. Now, as you make money, you hire people and you don’t have to work all those hours. That is absolutely true. You can get to a point where you’re working 10, 20 hours a week and your assistant, your team, is doing the rest of it. And that’s a great thing because you can employ other women.

But the idea that you can put 10 hours into a business and make six figures in six months from now is a lie. Period. I don’t want people to jump into this with this idea that it’s going to be easy because I think that alone is really discouraging.

MELANIE: Honestly, I don’t want to say this, but I probably never would have started if I knew how hard it was going to be. I know I wouldn’t have, because in my mind, when I started, I said to my husband, to my family, to myself, I said, ‘I’m going to give this a year and if I’m not able to quit teaching piano, if I am not able to completely replace my piano income, I will give it up.’

After a year, I will have given it a fair shot. And at the end of that year, I couldn’t do it. I mean, I can’t, my blood, sweat and tears are all over that website. I’m not giving that up now. But honestly, that was the way I could justify doing this. And so had I known that four years from then I would still be teaching piano? I’m starting to phase out of piano but I’m not quite there.

It’s still scary for me. It is still scary for me to phase out of piano. I’m doing it slowly. But I’m finally getting there and had I known it was going to take four years and all the work and all the tears and all the, everything, I probably wouldn’t have done it.

I’m glad I did it now, but I wouldn’t have done it. It’s kind of like having a baby who would ever get pregnant if we knew what was coming. Right? But, it is what it is. That’s what life’s all about.

MISTY: And that’s honestly the reason why I do what I do, because I want people to get there in less time. I mean, it took me more than four years. It took me like seven or eight. And I want people to get there in one to two. I think if you really did 100% of everything I said, and you gave 30 to 40 hours a week, you could probably get there in a year.

MELANIE: Oh yeah. I just look at when I met you and when I decided to niche down to emergency preparedness, that wasn’t that long ago.

And another thing that I haven’t mentioned yet, I focus so much on niching down, but the other thing that I attribute to Misty and where I am today is making your own product.

I just thought I was going to do the affiliate thing. I thought that would be good enough. And it’s not, it really isn’t, at least in my niche. The affiliate cut is never going to be high enough for products that I am recommending to make a full-time income on the size audience that I have right now. It’s just not. And so making my own products, I worked my buns off in the right direction, right?

I have two eBooks that have done really well and now I’m building those into courses and all of this. I haven’t done the math, but the huge majority of my income comes from my own products. The affiliate income is on the side. I don’t even pay attention to that. I don’t even notice it because the real money comes from Stripe and PayPal for my own products.

It’s taken one to two years of listening to Misty and working another job, you know?

MISTY: And you’re probably not putting in 30 to 40 hours a week.

MELANIE: I can’t. No, I’m not.

MISTY: So I will say this to Melanie, love you to death. Like really, truly Melanie is honestly one of my favorite people in the entire world and she’s become a dear, dear, dear friend, but she didn’t listen right away to either of those things.

It took a long time to get her to niche down. It took a long time to get her to create her own products. And I was like, ‘Mel, just do it. Come on.’ And so part of the reason I’m bringing her on here is so that you can see that number one, that it’s normal, it’s normal that you resist the things I teach you.

But, also, the sooner that you do them and you’re really putting your time into the right things, the sooner you will make full-time income. And I don’t want you to spend your time doing the wrong things. I don’t because it’s sad. It’s very sad. It’s just so sad, but something I do believe though, that there’s some things that you have to learn through experience too. But you can also learn from other’s mistakes.

MELANIE: Yeah. You count that as your own experience. So learn from mine, niche down, create products. I feel like there was one more. Can I give you one more?

MISTY: Yeah.

MELANIE: I think this is another real big draw to women in the church starting their own business because we are frugal. We’re very frugal, generally speaking. This is a way for us to make money for our family without putting anything in.

That’s what I thought, ‘I am going to do everything the cheapest. I’m going to DIY the whole thing. And I’m going to learn everything on free YouTube videos and free email lists. And I will take all the free nuggets from everybody, but I’m not going to pay for a course when I haven’t made a dime, heck no.’

But really? How would you spend your time, but not your money? Listen to me and spend a little bit of money. Maybe you didn’t go to college, but a vast majority of LDS women go to college and the prophet has highly encouraged us to go and get a degree.

How many thousands of dollars do we spend on a college education? And I don’t know about you, but I never used my degree ever. I graduated in accounting. I couldn’t tell you one thing about it, but I went into debt. I had student loans that I was paying off for years. I didn’t feel guilty about that. Not guilty at all.

I didn’t ever stop to think in the middle of a semester, what am I doing here? I’m just wasting my money. I’m going to quit. Never once did that cross my mind. It was not a money thing. It was never a money thing to go to college. It was always just, this is how you fulfill this commandment. This is a smart move and I’m going to commit and I’m just going to do it.

And then I get here and I’m not willing to spend $200 on a course. Are you flipping kidding me? A book? My math book was $450 at Ricks College. I mean, come on, people this is worth it. And it doesn’t even have to cost as much as a college education. Not nearly as much. And I went to cheap places. I had scholarships and I was still paying thousands.

So spend the little bit of money. This is an investment in a business. And you are so lucky that you’re not creating a physical product that you have to front money for. I feel like that is where the draw should end. You don’t have to go get a loan out for 30, 40, 50, 60, a hundred thousand dollars in order to be able to have investors in your business to be able to create a product. You don’t have to do that. But you do have to invest something somewhere.

MISTY: There’s this attitude, and I did the exact same thing so I’m not putting anybody down, but yeah I feel like we should be able to make six figures and not invest any money. And it just simply doesn’t work that way.

And number two, a lot of times we think we’re saving money by spending our time. But what if you had instead. Like this a website in a week that I’m releasing next week, it’s going to cost $899 for a full course, full template templates for your freemium, templates for your email list. It’s basically getting you your business foundation completely set up for $900.

If you had to ask me “Misty, how much more would you have made? How much sooner would you have started making money?” You just spending your time does not save you money. It costs you money. If you invest that thousand-ish dollars, you will start making money sooner because you will be doing the right things and not wasting your time.

And as a mom, I personally believe that your time is far more valuable than your money because your time you can’t earn more of. Your money, you can spend a thousand dollars on a course in a template and get all of that money back and more. You can’t spend time and get that time back. You can’t.

MELANIE: Yeah, no, I totally, totally agree. And for someone like me, it’s a real simple answer. And I can’t believe I didn’t see it at the beginning, but again, I didn’t know you, Misty. You didn’t have these templates. You didn’t have your workshop. You didn’t have any of this, but for those listening now you’ve already got all that stuff. But if you have a job right now that you’re trying to replace the income of, it’s a really simple math equation for me.

I make X amount of dollars teaching piano. So how many hours of teaching piano is it gonna take for me to pay for this website? So worth it, so worth it. And you know, what’s so funny is I DIYed everything and then I still bought the dang template. I DIYed and I thought I was saving money and I’m just going to power through this. But at the end of the day, when I was making money, guess what I bought? The first thing I bought was Misty’s website template. I went to the Get Stuff Done Workshop.

I spent all of the time DIYing things and I didn’t even get the end result. And I don’t have crap things. And so for me to still feel like I needed to attend your workshop, for me to still feel like the website template was worth it after I had DIYed it for my first three years? That says a lot, it’s worth the investment. Just make it now instead of in three years.

MISTY: If you don’t have the money, like just what Melanie was saying about her teaching piano. If you don’t have a job like that, go get a job at McDonald’s for three months and earn the money for the dang template. Instead of spending that same time that you would spend at McDonald’s don’t spend a year DIYing it. Spend three months at McDonald’s go get the dang money that you need for whatever the courses that you want to buy and then buy it and find the mentor, it’s worth it.

MELANIE: I 100% agree with that because it is going to take you so many more hours to DIY than just earning the money that it costs to buy the product. Like you said, at McDonald’s for crying out loud or start selling stuff online. Get creative that way, because it is so worth the money.

But honestly, Misty, I’ve heard you say you had a conversation with your husband and you took money out. I know this was to hire Audra, but you took money out of your savings. This is a worthy cause for that. You’re going to pay it back and you know that you’re going to be able to pay that back because you are committed. I wish I would have had that mindset from day one.

MISTY: You have to be prayerful about those decisions, but you know, we’re taught by the prophets that education is an okay thing to go into debt for. And I think that if you really feel called to be here online and that’s where Heavenly Father wants you, I personally think it’s okay to spend that money, even if it requires you to go in a little bit of debt. It’s not nearly as much, like you said, as a college education.

All right. Anything else? What keeps you going now? Let’s finish there. Why do you keep moving forward now?

MELANIE: I think just because I have enough of a track record to look back and see real progress. Like I said, the bulk of my money has come in the last year because I launched my first product just about a year ago, like 13 months ago.

If I look at that, that’s basically where my bank account total has come from. I’ve never paid myself, which I know I need to, but I look at that total and that feels like an accomplishment. Now, if I divide that by four years, it makes me feel kind of crappy about myself. Cause it’s really not great.

But when I look at that as one year of real work and having products out into the world and having a website homepage that makes me money and all of these things that I’ve learned from you, I can see now that that is going to grow exponentially. And I just, I trust the process because now I’ve seen what one year of the right work can do, you know?

And just the fulfillment, honestly. It doesn’t happen every day, but when I get an email from somebody just and they’ve gone out of their way to take a picture of their 72 hour kits and email it to me and just be like, ‘I just had to share this moment with you. This has been on my brain for years. I have felt guilty. You helped me get there. I’m so grateful for you.’ That is so much more fulfilling to me than teaching a kid middle C.

I know that that sounds lame because being a piano teacher should be fulfilling. This is so much more fulfilling for me, for my personality. This is my passion. I have finally found what I feel like I am called to do.

MISTY:  I think that there is that dual motivation there, right? Yeah, we’re glad to make money. I think that we should make money. But yeah, I hear your story and that’s sometimes what gets me out of my bed. Because I want to find the next you and I love seeing what has happened for you and that makes me excited to turn around and find the next person and help them.

It really is about money and people. Anything else you want to say?

MELANIE: Go to the Get Stuff Done Workshop. That’s going to be happening in November. I’m sorry, that’s a tangent, but that two weeks of my life was so fun.

MISTY: It is a lot of fun. We get a lot done and it’s going to be all new. We’re changing a lot of things about it, so that it’s even better. Melanie’s even a part of that. She’s been helping me adjust some things and improve some things. So it is something that you definitely want to consider.

Okay. First of all, I want to tell you if you want more of this, if you want a mentor, if you want someone to help you, your first step needs to be coming to the webinar I’m having. It is happening January 17th and I’m doing it twice. Once at 10:00 AM, once at 7:00 PM, both mountain time. You need to be there even if you don’t buy the templates that I’m going to tell you about at the end, the website in a week program, you still need to be there because that alone will help you build a homepage that makes you money. You’ll know what you need there in order to make money and find the right people, the people that really need your help. So make sure you’re registered for that.

Number two, if you want to learn more about emergency preparedness, you need to get on Melanie’s email list because she is going to be releasing a course very soon. I’ve had the privilege to see the inside of this course. It is going to be amazing. I told you earlier, and I meant it, her work when it comes to emergency preparedness is way above and beyond. It wasn’t my passion. I did it because I needed to do it for my family. And we were desperate for money because my husband was in law school and we had four kids in three years, but I didn’t love it.

She does. And she’s also everything that she said. She’s extremely well-organized, she’s really, really good at breaking things down into tiny steps. She’s really good at helping you know what’s most important when it comes to preparedness, what to do first and what to put off till later.

If you have any interest in that at all, make sure that you are on her email list. You can get on her email list by going to And because she has a MAP Method website, you can sign up for her email list right there on that homepage very easily. So make sure that you go do that. You can also follow her on Instagram @planforawesome.

All right. Thank you for being here today. We will see you next week, where we are going to talk to Becky Kemp. I’ll see you there.

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