The ultimate list of Latter-day Saint Bloggers and other momprenuers

These women (and a few men) are spreading goodness and light through a business in their own unique ways 


How to join this list

I aim for this to be the ultimate list of Latter-day Saint bloggers and other momprenuers who are spreading goodness and light online. I plan to add Latter-day Saint momprenuers to this list regularly.  If you are a Latter-day Saint blogger or any type of momprenuer, fill out THIS FORM and we’ll add you!  If you know of someone who should be on this list but isn’t, have them fill out the same form!

But first, let me tell you a bit about why this site is named “Designed For Goodness” and why I want you to join us as part of “The Goodness Squad”

You are Designed For Goodness

Have you ever designed something?  Maybe you designed your new baby’s room?  Or perhaps you designed a holiday meal for your family?  Or maybe a beautiful printable quote?

What was your intent in designing it?  Did you hope it would be useless and of no benefit?  Or did you hope it would bring goodness into someone’s life? 

Your Heavenly Parents designed you.  I believe They designed you for goodness.  I can imagine Them thinking of your incredible potential – all the good you would accomplish – as They carefully created you.  You have a unique set of talents and gifts and passions (aka your superpower) that allows you to touch others in a way only you can.  I believe God wants you to use that superpower for goodness.  You are designed for goodness.

I hope these examples of Latter-day Saint bloggers and podcasters who are spreading goodness, in their unique ways, inspire you.  I’ve listed them in alphabetical order.  Also, I plan to continually add Latter-day Saint bloggers and momprenuers here – there are so many amazing Latter-day Saint women out there who are spreading light and goodness through a business.  If your favorite isn’t listed here, tell them to fill out THIS FORM so I can add them to the list!

Table of Contents

#1 - Amanda Louder - Sex Coach

Latter-day Saint podcaster and Certified Life coach

From Misty: I love Amanda’s bravery in addressing a subject that we (sadly) often think of as taboo in our culture.  Her respect for and understanding of this subject is inspiring. She brings much-needed light and clarity to the fun and spiritual aspects of sex.

Who Amanda Helps

I help Latter-day Saint women who feel like they are never in the mood for sex.

Where to find Amanda:

  • Amanda has an incredible – free – podcast called Sex for Saints.(so helpful!)
  • Find info on Amanda’s membership HERE.
  • You can also find her on social media here:

How Amanda Helps

I’m a Certified Life Coach, and I help Latter-day Saint Women learn to embrace their sexuality and love their sex life. I help them work through their beliefs around sex, their frustration, and resentment for their husbands for wanting it and learn to fully embrace this important part of themselves to create a better relationship with themselves, their spouse, and their Heavenly Parents.  

Why Amanda Feels Passionately about sexuality

Because I was once these women. I didn’t understand my sexuality. I felt a lot of guilt and shame around sex. I resented my husband for wanting it. But after learning how to fully embrace it, I am living my best life. I can help other women have this too.

Amanda's Goals

I want you to feel more confident about yourself in every area of your life. I want you to have a better relationship and intimacy with your spouse. I also want you to grow in your testimony and relationship with your Heavenly Parents. Last, I want you to feel less frustration, anger, guilt, shame, and resentment.

Amanda's Gift for you:

I want to give you a Roadmap to Personal Pleasure!  This will help you:

  1. Get in touch with your body
  2. Figure out how you personally experience pleasure
  3. Get more comfortable with your sexuality

You can get yours now here:


#2 - Amberly Lambertsen - Family Life Educator

Latter-day Saint Blogger, Speaker And Author

Who Amberly Helps

I help married couples in every stage of life.

Where to find Amberly:

Contact Amberly here

How Amberly Helps

A Prioritized Marriage was created to inspire other couples to make their marriage a priority every day, no matter their current stage or situation in life. I believe that you have to make time for your marriage and your spouse and that you can make that time daily through rituals and traditions, communication and quality time. I recognize that my relationship didn’t reach perfection the moment we said ‘I do’. I know that if I want a strong marriage, I have to continue to work on it every day of my life! My hope is that I can encourage other couples to create a strong marriage and work on their relationship with their spouse every day as well.

Why Amberly Feels Passionately about Helping Married Couples

I want to help couples find ways to make their marriage a priority and strengthen their relationship during every stage of their life. I want couples to get to the empty nest/retirement stage in life and have an amazing relationship with each other. I want them to be ready to enjoy the life they’ve built together, and their relationship with each other, rather than needing to get to know each other all over again.

Amberly's Goals

I want couples, who try the things that I suggest, find that they are happier and closer as a couple. That they work better as a team and are ready to tackle anything life throws their way. I also want them to have a more fun, satisfying and intimate relationship with each other.

#3 - Angie Chandler - Family Resource Creator

Latter-day Saint Content Creator

Who Angie Helps

We help families with primary age kids have successful, hands on, engaging and meaningful Come Follow Me study with primary age kids through our digital subscription.

Where to find Angie:

You can find resources here

How Angie Helps

My team of experienced elementary educators and I write full lesson plans that directly align with the Come Follow Me manual from The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Along with the lesson plans we include a variety of activities and printables to enhance at home study. We believe that when children’s hands are on, their minds are on. Our materials reflect that and being gospel study to life. We have a digital subscription, ongoing workbook subscription and now an Everyday Coloring Subscription too. We also offer weekly IGTV videos on each lesson, secrets from a teacher every Saturday, daily reminders and discussions all on Instagram to help parents stay on track and teach effectively in their home.

Why Angie Feels Passionately about Come Follow Me

We create our lessons to help bring families to Christ through home centered learning. We know parents are busy and for many the call to teach young children at home feel hard. We strive to support parents in their efforts and help them make Come Follow Me possible.

Angie's Goals

Our lessons bring peace of mind to parents who have no idea where to start. When used consistently children begin to ask for gospel study at home. They bring life to learning the scriptures and more time to connect as a family. They truly invite the spirit to homes.

A Note From Angie

When people sign up for a subscription they will receive a lesson each week full of value. We typically send 15-20 pages of content per week with lots of variety for families to choose from. Each person who subscribes gets an engineer print to track their favorite scriptures as they study this year, a Book of Mormon coloring tracker to keep track of their progress, twelve lessons on the restoration, binder covers for their materials, a reading schedule and, currently due to COVID19, bonus singing time at-home activities for more support.


#4 - Annette Belnap - Mom's best friend

Latter-day Saint blogger

Who Annette Helps:

All mothers

Where to find Annette:

How Annette Helps:

I blog about parenting, feeding your family, and anything else moms would like to know or learn about.

Why Annette Feels Passionately about helping moms

I started this blog to have a place where all my recipes and parenting tips would be easily accessible to my own children for when they grew up. 

Annette's Goals:

More quality time with your family and great ideas for dinner!

Annette's Gift For you:

Email list subscribers get a free printable for how to organize their home in 6 days. You can find the sign-up HERE.


#5 - barbara williams - design solutions

Latter-day Saint graphic designer, coach and classes

Who barbara Helps:

I help individuals and small businesses.

Where to find barbara:

How barbara Helps:

I love using graphic and web design solutions to help individuals and small businesses make a difference in the world. As a full-stack designer, I work with clients to create professional print and digital projects, social media assets, and websites tailored to connect with their ideal audience. I also provide resources for creatives who want to be more “hands-on” with their design projects. As someone who began my career with DIY creative projects, I can relate with the desire to bring creative inspiration to life. Through coaching and classes, clients learn to create top-notch designs using the tools and techniques that best fit their design style.

Why barbara Feels Passionately about web design mentoring:

I believe that the world is in desperate need of kind, uplifting, and empowering voices. Alone, there isn’t much any of us can do, but when we work together and bring our varied experience and gifts, it’s incredible what we can accomplish.

barbara's Goals:

When a client hires me, I consider myself part of their team. Each project is more than just a document or web page: it’s an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with the people they serve.


#6 - Becky Squire - Magazine Editor

Latter-day Saint Blogger, speaker and magazine editor

From Misty: Becky was the very first person to welcome me to Instagram.  She reached out and asked if she could help in any way.  I admire her goodness and genuine desire to serve as Christ would in her family and the online community.  She truly lifts other women.

Who Becky Helps

I help Latter-Day Saint women who want to recharge their soul, ignite passion for sharing goodness, and strengthen their relationship with others and Christ.

Where to find Becky:

How Becky Helps

I create a free quarterly lifestyle magazine with a faithful focus. It’s purpose is to bring women closer to Christ while also connecting with others and learning how to enjoy life.

Why Becky Feels Passionately about her magazine

Latter-Day Woman Magazine is a place for women’s voices to be heard. As we grow as a business and community, we are able to be a positive influence to more women.

Becky's Goals

I want you to have more connection, more goodness, and more spiritual capacity.  I also want you to have less doubt, less loneliness, less fear.

Becky's Gift for you:

My entire magazine is free! You can subscribe HERE.

Latter-day Women Magazine:


#7 - Brittni Schroeder - Strategy coach

Latter-day Saint coach for entrepreneurs

Who Brittni Helps

I help entrepreneurs create strategies and systems that help them crush their 6-figure goals.

Where to find Brittni:

How Brittni helps

I help entrepreneurs overcome mindset obstacles, create marketing strategies, and implement systems in their business.

Brittni's Goals

I want to help other women succeed by helping them have the confidence to show up as their best self. I teach them to automate their business so they can spend time on things that really matter.

Brittni's Gift for you:

You can attend my free training on how to scale your business HERE.


Other fun things:

Brittni also has a non-profit called the Compassion Club. You can find more information HERE.


#8 - Brooke Snow - Gospel Self-Help Coach

Latter-day Saint Blogger, Podcaster, and coach

From Misty: I just recently found Brooke’s podcast at the recommendation of a friend.  I listened to ONE episode of her podcast (How to spiral up), and I knew I wanted her wisdom in my life.  Her approach to self-help with a gospel core is refreshing.

Who Brooke Helps

Latter-day Saint Women who want to marry self help and gospel principles.

Where to find Brooke:

Brooke is not on social media.  The best place to find her is to subscribe to her podcast. 

How Brooke Helps

I am a habits and identity coach. I help Latter-day Saint women uncover their divine identity through holistic habits that support body, mind, and spirit. My approach is to marry self help and Gospel principles. We all know that healthy habits bring healthy benefits. We all know what we “should” be doing. What usually trips us up is how to be consistent, how to stay motivated, how to keep going after getting derailed. I teach an approach to habits that is loving, forgiving, and sustainable so even the tiniest effort is rewarded. By small and simple things are great things brought to pass.

Why Brooke Feels Passionately about her work

When you are consistent in the fundamental self-care habits, you are able to more fully show up in life to live your purpose, support your people, and be who God created you to be. It is thrilling to help provide a simple framework and protocol for Latter-day Saint women that supports them in doing whatever it is they are called to do on this earth!

Brooke's Goals:

I want you to have more hope in the journey of personal growth, more love for yourself, a closer connection to God, and to fall in love with the process of repentance (which is really all about changing and developing into who God created you to be.) I also want you to have less stress, less critical self judgement, less prideful fear of God, less discouragement, and be less stuck in unhealthy patterns.

Brooke's Gift for you:

The #1 habit in my life is meditation. I have a free mini meditation course called, “The Miracle of Meditation: How to transform your prayers for more presence, connection, and revelation. It’s such a great starting point for people who already pray but need a bridge between prayer and a meditation practice.

You can find it here:


#9 - Ceri Payne - motherhood & business

Latter-day Saint Blogger, Business & Life Coach

From Audra: Ceri has been featured on The Goodness Squad podcast two times. You can hear from her in Episode 78 and 102.

Who Ceri Helps

Women wanting help with time and productivity in their business and motherhood.

Where to find Ceri:

How Ceri Helps

I help successful creative entrepreneurs, many of which have ADHD, to have enough time by streamlining their priorities and goals and simplifying their business, and life so that they have time and mental energy to continue to grow their successful business, strengthen family relationships, and have time for what they value most.

Why Ceri Feels Passionately about her work

I want to help women have enough time to follow their business dreams and Christ while strengthening their motherhood. I created my successful life coaching practice while parenting three teenagers, teaching special education full time, supporting my husband in his demanding career, and serving as the Relief Society President. By following the simple process I teach of defining priorities, I know that there’s time for everything that’s important to us. I want to help other women in business keep dreaming, progressing, and making an impact both in and out of the home.

Ceri wants you to know:

Life and time problems are business problems. I am a business coach that helps your business complement your life! I’m not the traditional business coaching that tells you to do XYZ a certain way and a certain amount of times a week because your business is meant to enhance your life, so it’s your LIFE that drives your business. 

Ceri's Goals:

You will have more time, a more successful business & motherhood. You will feel balanced and have less overwhelm and frustration in your business and motherhood.

Ceri's Gift for you:


#10 - charisse merrill - pinterest consultant

Latter-day Saint Blogger, consultant, entrepreneur

Who charisse Helps

I help mom entrepreneurs.

Where to find charisse:

You can read helpful articles from Charisse here.

How charisse Helps

I teach busy mom entrepreneurs and bloggers how to increase traffic, generate leads, and make more sales with DIY organic Pinterest marketing.  So you can save time engaging on social media and spend more time with your family.  

Why charisse Feels Passionately about her work

I want to help moms grow their business with Pinterest because it is one of the best platforms to get warm leads with minimal time. I know first hand how long and slow it can take to get a business off the ground. I want it to take you less than 3 years to start getting enough traffic to make a difference, and Pinterest can help with that.

charisse's Goals:

My goal is for you to understand the nuts and bolts of Pinterest marketing to grow your business in just 10 minutes a day on the platform.  My goal is for you to enjoy your vacation, time with your family, or rest when you’re sick because you’re confident Pinterest is doing all the “hard work” for you.  

charisse's Gift for you:

We all love scrolling Pinterest for some good recipes, but it can be hard to understand how to make money from Pinterest as a business. This free gift will help you know if Pinterest is right for your business and how to get started on it.

Find the gift HERE.

charisse's Gift for you:

There is a simple 6 step strategy to getting your business set up and running with Pinterest.

Grab my Pinterest Start-Up Strategy here


#11- Cheryl Cardall - mental health advocate

Latter-day Saint Blogger, public speaker, resource provider

From Audra: I met Cheryl via Instagram over a year ago. She has become a trusted resource for me as I navigate parenting children with mental health disorders. She is a community builder, encouraging to everyone and has a true desire to share helpful information and inspiration. 

Who cheryl Helps

I help parents raising kids with mental health and other challenges

Where to find cheryl:

You can read Cheryl’s blog here.

How cheryl Helps

I share parenting tips and a community with those who have kids with extra challenges. I share research based parenting tips and skills daily. I will have a podcast up and going by August with interviews with therapists and other experts, also I will be having people sharing their stories with mental health challenges.

Why cheryl Feels Passionately about mental health

My motivation is that the spirit has told me over and over again to do this. To support and help those who feel alone in parenting challenges and give them a community to be a part of. It can be a very lonely place because many judge and think they know how to best parent your child. For over a decade I have felt a calling to encourage moms and strengthen families. To share what I have learned and help moms care for themselves and give themselves grace.

cheryl's Goals:

My goal is for you to have more confidence in your parenting and more knowledge and skills. I will share how to connect with and parent your kids without harsh punishments and form a partnership.

#12- Chrissy Olsen - Beautiful Printable Designer

Latter-day Saint Blogger, Graphic designer, and Photoshop Course instructor

From Misty: I’ve been friends with Chrissy for a few years now, and while she is a very talented graphic designer, what truly impresses me about her is her love of the one. She thinks about her followers as REAL PEOPLE and does all she can to make their lives easier through her gifts.  While she does have a store full of beautiful, inexpensive printables, she insists on making many available for free b/c she remembers a time in her life when “$3 for a printable would have been too much”.

Who Chrissy Helps:

I help Latter-day Saint women lead, teach, and minister with love.

Where to find Chrissy:

How Chrissy Helps

I create gorgeous printables that making ministering easy and fun. I believe we minister all the time without even realizing it. Every time we sit down and play with our kids, we are ministering. When we send a card or text a friend, we are ministering. Every time we serve in the church, we are ministering. And printables are a fun way to make ministering personal and easy. When you send someone a pretty note letting them know you are thinking of them, it makes their day! And it takes no time at all with a pretty printable download. Playing Book of Mormon Bingo while talking about the prophets is really fun and easy, and so memorable. Those teaching moments are priceless. Printables make life easier, prettier, and more fun!

Why Chrssy Feels Passionately about Printables

I love serving Latter-day Saint women. It’s an honor to create printables for women who are actively making the world a better place and sharing goodness. My purpose is to help these amazing women share that light with high-quality printables. And now there’s a course made specifically for these women so they can make their own printables too.

Chrissy's Goals:

My printables will help you find more joy in service and ministry with less stress and worry about the “how.” I provide easy ways for you to minister and teach so you just have to download, print, and enjoy.

Chrissy's Gift for you:

I would love to give you a free printable I Spy Temples Game!  You can get yours here:


#13- Crystal Haitsma - Parenting with connection

Latter-day Saint Blogger, Certified Life coach, and membership program

Who Crystal Helps:

I help parents have better relationships with their strong-willed children

Where to find Crystal:

How Crystal Helps:

I help moms, dads and couples through small group and 1:1 coaching. I use a combination of mindset and connection-based parenting to heal our relationships with ourselves and our kids. 

Why Crystal Feels Passionately about Positive Parenting:

I love helping people learn to love themselves more and heal familial relationships. We can LOVE and ENJOY ourselves and our kids SO much more than we think is possible… and this is what I help with.

Crystal's Goals:

To help parents love and connect to themselves more, and use that love and connection to break through cycles of toxic parenting and heal the parent-child relationship for good.

Crystal's Gift for you:

Sign-up HERE to get my free mini-course and get started on your path to building a radical connection with your child.


#14- Elizabeth Chappell - Quilting guru

Latter-day Saint Blogger, quilting courses and patterns

Who Elizabeth Helps:

I help people make beautiful quilts. Once a year I also teach people how to write and sell quilt patterns.

Where to find Elizabeth:

How Elizabeth Helps:

I host an online quilt guild for modern quilters. Besides writing my own quilt patterns, I curate top new designers and share their quilt patterns with the membership. Once a year I open a course of How To Write and Sell Quilt Patterns. It’s not easy learning how to do this, but I am sharing all that I have learned to do this successfully.

Why Elizabeth Feels Passionately about Quilting:

I love creating and surrounding myself with others who love it, too. I also find a lot of enjoy in helping other people succeed. This can be in quilting confidently or in starting a successful quilt pattern writing business. It has brought me so much joy and confidence, I want others to have that, too.

Elizabeth's Goals:

People who work with me or in my membership get my one on one attention. I hold nothing back. I share everything: my struggles, lessons learned, and what really works.

Elizabeth's Gift for you:

I offer a free Gingham Quilt Pattern. This is a super beginner friendly quilt pattern than is a staple for every home. It’s easy to make and beautiful to have when finished.

You can get yours HERE.


#16 - Emily Clark - Gospel Resource Creator

Latter-day Saint Blogger, Graphic designer, and Primary Content Creator

Who Emily Helps:

I help Latter-day Saint women to be better teachers in their home and callings.

Where to find Emily:

You can find resources here

How Emily Helps

I share printer-friendly lessons, note sheets, scripture signs, lesson ideas & other resources to help support you in “Home-Centered” Gospel Learning. I’m also a big fan of “Keeping it Simple” in serving in your calling. You’ll find birthday printables, baptism notes, General Conference ideas, Primary Lesson activities and ideas and more.

Why Emily Feels Passionately about Helping Moms Teach the Gospel

As an Elementary Teacher, I LOVE teaching. But, I totally understand it’s not as easy or natural for everyone. Heyfriend is a place where I share ideas, resources, & encouragement to help teaching not be overwhelming for others.

Emily's Goals:

My goal is to help you simplify. I believe in keeping things SIMPLE and focus on teaching our families about Christ. It’s far too easy to get wrapped up trying to do “all the extra things” and totally miss the purpose of the lesson. I want to share ways we can better teach with the Spirit, and keep our lessons SIMPLE.

#17- Emily & Dave Jones - Supporters of Youth

Latter-day Saint Course Instructors

From Misty: From the minute I heard about Emily and Dave’s Family Tech University, I couldn’t stop telling people about it. I shared it on Facebook, and Emily almost immediately reached out to thank me.  As I’ve come to know her better over the last few months, I’ve realized that she is a remarkable soul.  I sincerely appreciate her confidence in our young people and their capacity to choose to be wise.

Who Emily and Dave Help:

We help parents nurture children who are wise and balanced in the ways that they use technology.

Where to find Emily and Dave:

How Emily and Dave Helps

We are unique in our offering! We have curated a collection of powerful and convincing materials from the web and organized them into an online course for young people, ages 12 and up. Powerful and engaging videos, articles, and spiritual ideas combine to make for a potent learning experience on the topics parents are most concerned about, including social media, pornography, smartphone etiquette, life vision, and the importance of stillness. The aim? For a young person to come away personally convinced (not lectured and badgered) in their own hearts to be wise with technology. In a nutshell, we are experts at helping parents nurture the all-powerful Internal Filter- the most powerful protection that a young person can have in a tech-saturated world.

Why Emily and Dave feel passionately about internal filters:

The prevalent doctrine of “fear based” parenting was something that just didn’t jive with us as we were searching for the best way to handle technology with our own 5 children when they were young. Four of those children are teenagers now, and the approach of nurturing the Internal Filter has been powerful and life-changing in our family… we’ve seen it with our own eyes! We want to help parents achieve that same peace and confidence in their own homes.

Emily and Dave's Goals:

Parents who access the power of the Family Tech University Workshop will place before their children an experience that will nurture their heart-felt beliefs. Every parent’s hope is that when their child walks out the door- away from parental monitoring and away from digital filters, that they will still CHOOSE goodness. This nurturing of their most powerful protection- their desires to choose well for their own happiness, is our goal and specialty.

Emily and Dave's Gifts for you:

We have two gifts for you:

Powerful Tech Parenting: a 3 part video series:  

50 Chats to Grow the Internal Filter PDF download:


#18- Emma Drennan - Story Collector

Latter-day Saint Blogger, Etsy Shop Owner

From Audra: When I first met Emma on Instagram, I immediately thought she was one of the most kind and sincere women I have known. As time has gone by, she has confirmed my initial thoughts. She genuinely wants to help everyone find hope and joy in life. If you need a bright light in your day, I suggest following Emma on Instagram.

Who Emma Helps:

I help people to feel hope in their heart.

Where to find Emma:

  • You can shop Jubilant Creations Co here
  • Visit her blog

How Emma Helps:

Through my blog I share quotes, scriptures, and stories that inspire people to hold onto their hope, exercise faith in Christ, and to know they are not alone in their journey. My desire is to lift hearts and lighten burdens. Through my journey with secondary infertility, I learned the importance of trusting God. I also learned how important it is for me to keep learning, growing, and creating. I recently started an etsy shop that brings me joy as I create things to help make people’s day a little bit brighter. Today there is a reason to hope.

Why Emma feels so passionately about finding hope:

My motivation is to bring hope and connection to God and others. During my secondary infertility, it was an incredibly lonely time. I hope to create a space where people can know they have a friend in me and that miracles are real.

Emma's Goals:

I hope people will feel an increase in their ability to make it through another day. I hope that those who visit my blog will increase their hope, trust, and faith in Christ. I hope also that they will have more joy each day be more able to share that joy.

Emma's Gift for you:

You can signup in the popup on my blog for free monthly printables.


#19- Erin Ropelato - Gospel Study Guide

Latter-day Saint Blogger, Content Creator, Scripture Lover

From Audra: You’ll find Erin’s website featured in my Homepage Makeover webinar!

Who Erin Helps:

I help women and mothers find a deeper connection to Jesus Christ through scripture study using personal learning styles.

Where to find Erin:

  • Visit Erin’s website HER

How Erin Helps:

I help you identify your personal learning styles so you can find simple ways to study scriptures, General Conference talks, Come Follow Me, and names of Christ in ways you enjoy. As you learn about your personal learning styles, you can incorporate the same principles as you teach your family and others.

Why Erin feels so passionately about helping you connect to Christ through scripture study:

I want to help women understand that scripture study and gospel study can be done in a variety of ways and that there is no one set way to learn. I want to help women understand that there are hundreds of ways to build a relationship with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and using our personal learning styles in our study opens up so many possibilities.

Erin's Goals:

Women will feel more confident in the ways they choose to learn and study and find joy in gospel study.

Erin's Gift for you:

I have a Free “Learning Style Discovery Tool” which gives a quick overview of the eight learning styles so you can begin to find out how you learn best. Find it HERE.


#20- Heidi Hillman - Creative Goals Inspiration

Latter-day Saint Blogger and creator

From Misty: Heidi has an incredible story of how she found peace and connection with God using creativity in her time of trial.  She is a beautiful artist, and she uses and shares her art with others, but in addition, her goal and purpose are to inspire you to find time for your creative purpose and goals.  She is an inspiration to many.

Who Heidi Helps:

I inspire women to make time to pursue creativity and connect with God in the midst of their busy lives.

Where to find Heidi:

You can find here shop here.

How Heidi Helps

I share scripture journaling tutorial videos, scripture sketchnotes and other printables, journal inspiration, hand embroidery projects and book reviews. I show that you do have time for the things you love, even if you think you’re too busy. I’ve been homeschooling my 4 kids for 10 years and running a small business. If I can find the time, I can help you do the same.

Why Heidi Feels passionately about Creativity:

I have a passion for the emotional and spiritual benefits of art journaling. I love inspiring women to set their own creative goals and stick with them.

Heidi's Goals:

I want you to have more desire to put down your phone and create something beautiful. I want you to spend more time studying and enjoying the scriptures and finding meaning. I want you to have a more joyful, creative life.


#21- Jaclyn Thatcher - Product creator

Latter-day Saint creator and online shop owner

Who Jaclyn Helps:

On the go parents.

Where to find Jaclyn:

You can find here shop here.

How Jaclyn Helps:

I create diaper bags that carry your baby plus all the things to help make your adventures everyday easier!

Why Jaclyn Feels passionately about helping busy parents:

Diaperbag + baby carrier = Hatcherpacks. I strive to not only create a company but a culture of caregivers inspired and empowered to enjoy the everyday adventure. If you have a baby, you’re going to need a diaper bag and a baby carrier. Why not have one that does both, to make your life easier and adventures more plentiful!

Jaclyn's Goals:

We need more parents inspired to see the adventure in all they do!

#22- Jacqlin Guernsey - confidence builder

Latter-day Saint Blogger and life coach

Who jacqlin Helps:

I help Christian women find more confidence, peace, love, and clarity in their lives.

Where to find Jacqlin:

You can sign up to work with her HERE

How Jacqlin helps:

I am a life-coach certified through the life coach school. I do 1:1 coaching to help improve areas women may be struggling with, such as weight, motherhood, marriage, self-confidence, and mental-health. I walk the path with them, hand-in-hand, to overcoming their limiting beliefs and help create an awareness of the mindset that is holding them back from their already amazing lives, and to create even more of an amazing life.

Why Jacqlin Feels passionately about confidence:

I love what coaching has done for me, and I want to share it to the world. I went from a miserable stay-at-home mom struggling with depression, to a stay-at-home mom who knew that she would sometimes struggle, that it was part of the plan for her, and it was ok. I went from someone who felt bruised and batterer, to someone who could find joy and happiness no matter what, and that knew life was really quite wonderful. I want all women to know and understand just how loved and amazing they all truly are.

Jacqlin's Goals:

I want my clients to have less worry, doubt, and lack of confidence, and more love, joy, and peace in their life.

Jacqlin's Gift for you:

I have a FREE relationship course HERE where anyone can up-level any relationship in their life— child, parent, spouse, friend, and my favorite, THEMSELVES. 


#23- Jane Copier - Happy Marriage Support

Latter-day Saint blogger, Christian Marriage Coach

Who Jane Helps:

I help women stop suffering and learn to love their marriage again.

Where to find Jane:

How Jane Helps:

I offer one on one coaching as well as a membership program. My one on one coaching is a high touch, high impact combination, of six months, one on one coaching, as well as my signature, Mend Your Marriage core training course. My membership is a lifetime offering, which includes my Marriage course along with my Mastering Communication course, and weekly group coaching calls.

Why Jane feels passionately about help marriages thrive:

After suffering for many years in my own marriage, and then learning the tools through coaching to mend it, I felt called to help others do the same. I made a brave career change and gave up a lucrative Real Estate business, to do this full time.

Jane's Goals:

I help my clients have more self-love along with more confidence, and the tools and abilities to create the marriage they’ve always dreamed of. They are able to stop second guessing their choice and re-discover why their choice was the perfect one.

Jane's Gift for you:

I have a free marriage health score quiz and free video training, post quiz. Find the quiz HERE.

#24- Jason Bringhurst - Sunshine Collector

Latter-day Saint blogger

Where to find Jason:

You can get her beautiful Moments Journal here

How Jason Helps:

I strive to share my faith and spread a little sunshine in a world with a lot of negativity.  I share stories of things that happen or have happened in my life. I also share thoughts on current events. I often share my beliefs and how my faith plays a part in my life. I also have a section of the blog dedicated to hydrocephalus, a condition my 8 year old son Xavier has, and our journey through over 20 brain surgeries.

Why Jason feels passionately about wonder:

I feel that there is good in the world and that many people crave good media. I want to contribute to the good media. There is too much of the bad media and more uplifting media is needed.

#25- jenessa bingham - Happy Home Creator

Latter-day Saint blogger, digital art, diy coach

Who jenessa helps:

I help women make their homes feel more custom to who they are and more of a sanctuary for their families.

Where to find Jenessa:

How Jenessa Helps:

I love helping people see how easily they can turn their homes into a soft place to land at the end of the day. I do this by showing simple, easy DIY projects that are done on a budget. I find home decor items on deals and sales. I also make digital downloadable art that can beautify and customize your space without spending oodles of money. I love to share what I am finding and projects I am working on to make your home more custom to you and your family. I love to find great products for great prices. I am a maker, a finder and a sharer of all things home related.

Why Jenessa feels passionately about creating happy homes:

My mission is to help women and men feel empowered to create a home that they love! A place that feels calming, peaceful and like a refuge from the outside world. My motto is “Make your home a soft place to land.”

Jenessa's goals:

I believe you will have more confidence in beautifying your home by working with me. I show how to make a home you love while doing so on a budget.

Jenessa's gift for you:

I offer a free ‘Welcome to our home’ printable to anyone who joins my emailing list. I also provide a couple free coloring pages in my monthly newsletter.


#26- Jessi Berger - Parenting teens support

Latter-day Saint influencer

Who Jessi helps:

I help mothers of teenagers because just when you begin to feel confident in parenting, you get a teenager and the whole game changes.

Where to find Jessi:

How Jessi Helps:

I share thoughts, ideas, tips, tricks and laughs specifically for moms of teenagers. My goal is to help moms navigate the difficult times and magnify the good times. Having teenagers is really fun and sometimes we just need to be reminded of that!

Why Jessi feels passionately about helping you find joy in parenting teens:

A few years ago I read a quote from President Hinckley that said, “You are good. But it is not enough just to be good. You must be good for something. You must contribute good to the world. The world must be a better place for your presence.” I wasn’t sure how to contribute when I started my account. I just knew that I wanted to contribute good into the world. Since parenting teenagers is what I spend my days doing I started there. I think there needs to be more help, more happiness and more connection when it comes to raising teenagers. I want to help provide that.

Jessi's goals:

I hope to provide more ideas for connecting with your teenagers as well as more ideas for ways to connect as a family. I provide ideas that work for us and foster a community for other ideas to be shared. I help moms remember that teenagers are amazing people and we should be cheering them on as well as helping them grow.


#27- Jolene winn - addiction recovery support

Latter-day Saint blogger, podcaster, and life coach

who jolene helps:

I help women of faith who have a spouse addicted to pornography.

Where to find Jolene:

You can listen to her podcast The Porn Addict’s Wife.

How Jolene Helps:

I coach women to help them overcome betrayal trauma, establish boundaries, conquer triggers, and overcome fear of relapses so they can live a life independent if their husband’s pornography addiction.

Why jolene feels passionately about recovery:

After healing from my husband’s pornography addiction, I felt a passion and responsibility to reach out and find other women who were as lost and alone as I used to be. Once I found the tools to gain control back of my life, I knew it wasn’t something I could keep to myself. I feel called to work with these women, to find them, and to teach them everything I’ve learned in order to help them heal and move forward.

jolene's goals:

My clients will gain self confidence, control, and peace. They will learn that they can heal and move forward even if their husband’s actions never change.

jolene's gift to you:

I have a free webinar: How To Be after From Betrayal Trauma which can be found by signing up via my website.

A note from jolene:

I also host a faith-based podcast called The Cause of Christians where I dive into how to love the gospel more intentionally.


#28- Karen Bates - Discover Your Unique Potential

Latter-day Saint blogger, course creator, coach

Where to find karen:

You can get her Find Your Path book and planners here

who karen helps:

I help parents who want a more peaceful heart and home.

How karen Helps:

The Warrior Journey walks you step-by-step into creating systems and habits that help you make and reach inspired, personalized goals. It can be used by adults, youth, or as a family program to create the environment that will organically grow you and your kids into your unique potential. 

Why karen feels passionately about educating parents:

I struggled with perfectionism, people-pleasing, and being super distracted with all I needed to do. When I learned to stay connected to God and present with my family by creating principle-centered systems that organically grew us into who we were meant to be (without all of the pushing and nagging); I knew I had to share this way of life with others. I know that you and your kids have unique talents, personalities, circumstances, experiences, and challenges for a purpose. I want to help you discover what that is and live it in a meaningful, happy and present way. As you do, you will change the world. 

Karen's Goals:

To help you be more present while still growing into your goals. To show you how you can stop pushing and nagging because you raise self-motivated learners. To help you and your kids reach your divine potential and discover and do the unique work you are here on earth to do.

Karen's Gift to you:

The Five Daily Steps to Reaching Your Personal Potential. These 5 steps will help you and your kids know and focus on the most important tasks for each  day and be inspired to follow through with purpose and motivation.  You can get the 5 Step Guide Here.


#29- Karen Papin - Creation Coach

Latter-day Saint life coach, meditation

who karen helps:

I help Latter day Saint women to create JOYFUL Christ-centered homes.

Where to find karen:

How karen Helps:

I coach women one on one and in groups through using Creation coach principles, meditation and Neuro Linguistic techniques.

Why karen feels passionately about helping you create joy:

I help Latter day Saint women to create JOYFUL Christ-centered homes because I know that life can be really hard and overwhelming, yet I also know that joy can be found in any circumstance. God loves us and wants us to have joy, even in the midst of our struggles.

Karen's Goals:

My goal is for you to develop habits and clarity that will ensure you have more joy in your Christ-centered life.

Karen's Gift to you:

I have a free gratitude course called Recognizing God’s Love because gratitude is a powerful way of recognizing the love that God has for us. 

I also have free printable scripture cards that remind you of your divine worth.


#30 - Kary Ann Hoopes - Faith-filled Photographer

Latter-day Saint photographer & humanitarian

who Kary Ann helps:

I am traveling and photographing temples, human moments, bereavement in hopes that people will know they matter and Jesus loves them. Most of my work is donated. I also do a lot of speaking to share why I joined the church. I want to connect with others so I can share the gospel like it was shared with me.

Where to find Kary Ann:

How Kary Ann Helps:

I connect, serve and help others with my talents so their hope and faith can grow – like others have done for me.

Why Kary Ann feels passionately about paying it forward:

Money is the last thing for me. Life is so short. We have so little time to get done in this life what needs to happen. I want to share goodness. I want to be inspired and inspire others to pay it forward.

Kary Ann's Goals:

I want my clients to have images, conversations, experiences that might help them to go out and serve others by helping their faith grow. I believe that we get way more out of things when we serve others and that is when the world starts to change.

Kary Ann's Gift to you:

As prompted, I will send a picture to clients for their phone wallpaper or to print.


#31- Kay West - Faithful Women Gatherer

Latter-day Saint blogger, event host

From Misty: I have never met Kay, but I hope to someday.  I’ve met many who know her, and their eyes shine when they talk about her.  They can’t help but smile.  My impression of her is one who “seeks not her own,” but truly wants to lift other women and see them shine. You can see that even in the profile picture she chose to include here (she is on the top left).

Who Kay Helps:

Latter-day Saint women who have a desire to learn and grow more in their testimonies of the gospel, and lift others along the way.

Where to find Kay:

You can her events here and testimonies of Christ that she has gathered here.

How Kay Helps:

At A Worldwide Sisterhood, we share testimonies of Christ from women in all seasons of life and different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities. We provide a platform for all women to share and learn. The Spirit speaks to us all in a different way, so we share through video, blog, song, and poetry. We also share gospel messages from personal revelation to lift and inspire others. We encourage all women to share their voices and testimonies so we may all learn from one another and grow together in this worldwide sisterhood.

Why Kay feels passionately about women of faith:

I believe every woman of the world is needed to stand up and help shine the light of Christ into the world. Every voice and experience needs to be heard. Everyone does this in their own way, and every woman who shares the light of Christ should shine. I believe in ecouraging and lifting everyone and providing a platform and community for them to do so.

Kay's Goals:

I want you to gain connection with other like minded women, to feel a part of this worldwide sisterhood as we share together, encourage and lift one another. At A Worldwide Sisterhood, we want to inspire you with the courage to share your own stories and light. You will find stillness and peace as we provide a moment for you to pause, to read, and to listen to the messages we share.

A note from Kay:

A Worldwide Sisterhood has grown. I am the founder, but now we are a team of women from Canada, USA, and Australia, and we also ethnically represent Canada, Europe, Germany, Samoa, China and Japan. We truly are a Worldwide Sisterhood.

#32- Kim Chase - Personal Development Cheerleader

Latter-day Saint blogger, Printables, and Crafts

Who Kim Helps:

I help individuals and families.

Where to find Kim:

You can find her website here 

How Kim Helps:

I help individuals and families learn about and come closer to Christ, by giving free study and lesson resources. As well as other free printables, to make life a little easier.

Why Kim feels passionately about helping you come closer to christ:

I love my Savior and His gospel and I love sharing my talents. So if I can combine those two things and help someone learn about and come more unto Christ, then I’ve done my job. I also hope to inspire and simply things for families, do it makes it easier for them to gather together and learn together.

Kim's Goals:

By visiting my website and following my social media, you will hopefully find more inspiration in your life and less stress. Everything I do is to try to make things easier for you.

#33- Kim Tanner - Birth Coach

Latter-day Saint blogger and Coach

Who Kim Helps:

I help mamas after a tough birth and before their next birth.

Where to find Kim:

You can find her website here 

How Kim Helps:

I am a Certified Life Coach, and I help mamas have an empowering and transformational birth experience after having a tough birth. I help them process previous birth(s) and help them process fears and stresses as they move forward. Birth transforms us. Every time. I help mamas make that a positive transformation that empowers them in every area of their life.

Why Kim feels passionately about helping mamas who have experienced a tough birth:

So many mamas birth and carry the weight of unmet expectations which leave them feeling alone, unheard, scared, broken, guilty, and a host of other emotions, but they never get to work through that as all their energy is instantly swept up into caring for baby. I’ve been there more than once. I’ve also experienced the power of a great coach to work through that, and now it’s my passion to help other mamas feel empowered before, during, and after birth.

Kim's Goals:

Mamas will have less drama about birth and more resilience for the process of birth. They will learn tools and practices that will help them navigate the uncertainties of birth allowing them to have a beautifully transforming birth.

Kim's Gift for you:

I want to give you 7 Simple Steps to Less Stress About Birth:

Access the steps HERE.


#34- Kristen walker Smith - Come Follow Me Ninja

Latter-day Saint Podcaster, YouTube Host & Author

Who Kristen Helps:

Latter-day Saint families

Where to find Kristen:

How kristen Helps:

I help busy families have quick, quality Come Follow Me study – every single day.

Why Kristen feels passionately about helping teens:

I believe every family deserves to have the Spirit in their home and family, but I feel busy schedules are getting in the way. I want to make quality scripture study possible for even the busiest families so they can make daily spiritual connections with each other.

Kristen's goals:

To help every single Latter-day Saint come closer to Christ through scripture study no matter how busy they may be or how confusing the scriptures may seem.

Kristen's gift for you:

If the Old Testament ever feels confusing for you, I’ve created a super helpful Old Testament Story outline that will make it so you NEVER get lost in the scriptures during 2022. You can fine it HERE.


#35- Lori Jackson - Finding Joy and Purpose

Latter-day Saint blogger, Author

Who Lori Helps:

My mission is to help women discover how our choices can empower us with greater joy and purpose.

Where to find Lori:

You can find her here 

How Lori Helps:

I write motivating articles usually with examples from my own life and how I’ve taken a difficult situation and found a way to grow from it. These articles are published on my blog, as guest posts and are also included in a book I have written. My hope is that my writing will inspire and help those who want to make changes in their lives to become better versions of themselves.

Why lori feels passionately about finding your purpose

About four years ago I stumbled upon a website looking for contributors to write about wisdom. I had a very powerful experience where I felt the Lord guiding me back into writing (which I hadn’t done for many years). I have felt guided to help other people figure out their “HOW” and their “WHY” because sometimes we need little helpers along the way to get us to where God needs us to be.

Lori's Goals:

My greatest desire is that my writing will help someone feel greater joy, peace, and direction in their life. I’ve learned so much and have felt so blessed by the experiences in my life – I know that we can learn so much from each other as we share what we have learned.

A Note from Lori:

I have a free printable library full of all kinds of checklists, ebooks, and printables for all of my subscribers.


#36- Lynnette Shepphard - parenting coach

Latter-day Saint blogger, podcaster, writer

From Audra: Lynnette is such a bright light in the parenting advice sphere. She is supportive and encouraging, truly wanting to help you raise kids who grow up to be well-rounded adults who contribute to our world in positive ways. She has an awesome sense of humor. And helps to eliminate parenting guilt by giving simple, actionable tips you can try with your kids today.

Who Lynnette Helps:

I help parents of faith raise kids with all the skills necessary to thrive in life and do great things for the Lord.

Where to find Lynnette:

You can visit her website here.

How Lynnette Helps:

I am a Certified Leadership Parenting Coach, writer, and host of the How to Raise Grownups podcast. I feel strongly that the youth of today are among the best we have ever had. They come to earth with strong and noble spirits, and with important missions to accomplish. They do not, however, come equipped with all the skills, both practical and spiritual, to achieve the work they are here to do. My goal is to help parents better prepare their kids to launch into adulthood confidently. I do that by approaching parenting from a wide-angle lens that encompasses training children in life skills as well as faith skills.

Why Lynnette feels passionately about women of faith:

When I was a young mom of five insanely strong-willed kids, I lacked the vision and confidence to lead them well. I had no parenting plan other than daily survival. I have learned much in the trenches of raising my kids into the courageous teens and young adults they are today. I want to teach other parents the skills and the mindset that will help them mold their kids into faithful, independent, self-assured young adults.

Lynnette's Goals:

Parents will have more vision and confidence in their parenting if they follow the practical principles I teach. They will be able to lead their children well because they will know what they are going. They will worry less about daily challenges because they will understand that raising good people requires time. They will not get hung up on mistakes because those are an expected part of the journey.

Lynnette's gift for you:

I have created a free mini-course to help parents of strong-willed kids navigate the challenges of parenting. You can sign up here:


#37- megan bingham - funnel strategies

Latter-day Saint course creator, business strategist

Who megan helps:

I help mom entrepreneurs work less and earn more by turning their knowledge into a solid source of residual income (and then setting it up to sell on autopilot!)


Where to find megan:

How megan Helps:

I help mom entrepreneurs shift from 1:1 or small group services to online courses and membership programs. I work with clients in all stages of course creation, from idea stage to building and designing the course. I also work to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to sell it!

Why megan feels passionately about mompreneurs:

I believe that each of us is meant to make a positive impact on the world. I also believe that my purpose is to help other moms (with important messages, products, and services) reach more people.

megan's Goals:

If we work together to develop and sell your course, you will have more TIME. Setting up a course will allow you to serve more people with less time required from you.

megan's gift for you:

I have two awesome resources.

The All-in-one Platform Comparison  and Free guide: 10 Reasons Your Funnel Isn’t Working (and tips to fix it)


#38- Melanie Papworth - Emergency Preparedness Guide

Latter-day Saint Blogger, Printables & EBooks, Emergency Preparedness support

Who Melanie helps:

I help busy moms get their homes and families more prepared for emergencies

Where to find Melanie:

How Melanie Helps:

No bunkers, no zombies!  Just practical, realistic preparedness for everyday busy families! I love breaking down big, intimidating topics (like 72-hour kits or food storage) into small, do-able steps. I do the organizing, researching, list-making, comparing, and compiling for you.  Just fill in the blanks or check off the tasks as you accomplish them. You got this!

Why Melanie feels passionately about Emergency Preparation:

I know what it’s like to feel stuck.  I know what it’s like to be too busy to feel like you can even make a dent in your emergency preparedness.  I know what it’s like to not even know where to start.  I make emergency preparedness EASY, ORGANIZED, and dare I say, a little FUN, so it actually gets done! NO MORE PUTTING THIS OFF – do what you can where you are!

melanie's Goals:

My goal is to give you more success with your emergency preparedness at a fraction of the cost (both time and money)! It really doesn’t have to consume every waking moment and every spare dollar. The important thing is, that you are moving forward and making your home and family a little safer.

melanie's gift for you:

5 simple things you can do to get your family prepared if you don’t have thousands of dollars or hundreds of hours. Get the list HERE.

#39- Melinda Nelson - Positive Change Creator

Latter-day Saint Influencer, Tiny Habits Coach

Who Melinda helps:

I help women create new habits to create positive changes, enhance their lives, and achieve their goals.

Where to find Melinda:

How Melinda Helps:

As a certified Tiny habits coach I can teach you how to quickly and easily create new habits to reduce stress and overwhelm, improve your emotional and physical health, enhance relationships and achieve your goals.

Why Melinda Feels passionate about helping you:

I went from “fighting for my life” to life coach. I am a 5 organ transplant survivor. As I went through my transplant journey I gained new perspective and valuable insights. My entire life trajectory changed and I discovered my true passion for helping others find hope and cultivate personal growth. Because of my training and unique life experience I am able to teach others how to overcome monumental obstacles and achieve their goals… even the ones that seem impossible.

Melinda's Goals:

If you want to reduce stress and overwhelm, improve your emotional health, lose weight, enhance relationships, achieve your goals and increase your happiness, I will teach you how to quickly and easily create new habits and even break your “bad” habits without relying on willpower or motivation. The secret to creating positive change and BIG impact in your life is to start small.


Melinda's gift for you:

Learn how to invest in yourself and your future by reading my life bank checklist. Learn about creating new habits by grabbing my tiny habits resource guide, or try my Free 5-Day Challenge. Find it HERE.


#40- Melissa Ott - Transformational Life Coach

Latter-day Saint blogger, coach

From Misty: I’ve only known Melissa for a few weeks, but even in that short time, it is evident that she is incredibly invested in her desire to help others transform.  She isn’t afraid to dig deep and change what she needs to be able to help others better.

Who Melissa Helps:

I help Latter-day Saints who are wanting to rise up to meet the demands of life in the last days with confidence in themselves and an understanding of God’s purpose for them.

Where to find Melissa:

You can find her courses here.

How Melissa Helps:

My mission is two-fold. First, I help people learn ways to manage their mind around the emotions they are creating for themselves. It requires taking massive accountability for their life and distinguishing between what they can and can not control. I act as a mirror into their brain to show them how the way they think about the things they can’t control impacts their quality of life. Secondly, we take things a step deeper and take a look at the beliefs they have created in childhood that have shaped the way they look at the world. We question which beliefs serve them, and which beliefs are limiting in nature. I have a powerful process where by we change those limiting beliefs into beliefs that are more true and that serve them. This is the transformation.

Why Melissa feels passionately about transformation:

My motivation for being a transformational coach comes from my own transformation process. I have been able to glean knowledge and unique tools from several coaches I have hired for myself and desire to pass my knowledge on to others. I believe that this level of personal development is necessary to navigate the challenges we face in the last days before the Savior returns.

Melissa's Goals:

I want you to enjoy the confidence, purpose, direction, patience and personal power that God desires you to have in life. You can shed limiting beliefs, insecurities, grudges, and the need for false pleasures. You will develop the skills necessary to combat Satan’s traps and make decisions based on your own God-given intuition, guided by the Holy Ghost.

Melissa's gift to you:

Get my free guide: How to survive the Covid-19 and homeschool like a pro:


#41- Michelle Bowler - Military Spouse Supporter

Latter-day Saint blogger and podcaster

From Misty: I’ve known Michelle since she was 14 or 15.  I was her Young Women leader.  Even then, she was unbelievably good.  She has always been firmly on God’s team.  Her husband is a military chaplain, and she is often left home with their beautiful daughters.  Instead of letting frustration or bitterness overtake her, she determined to reach out to others and has created a beautiful online community of women supporting women.

Who Michelle Helps:

I help military and first responder loved ones, meaning spouses, children, mothers and significant others.

Where to find Michelle:

You can find her podcast here.

How Michelle Helps:

I’ve created the Waiting Warriors community to be a place where military and first responder loved ones are safe to engage and connect with others, be uplifted, and learn specific strategies to create a joyful life of supporting service. The Waiting Warriors Podcast gives a voice to imperfect, relatable stories that empower and lift military spouses in all stages of life. My @WaitingWarrior social media platforms provide a place of belonging for military spouses of any age, race, gender, and experience. We talk about creating a home in temporary housing, connecting children to absent parents, and prioritizing self-care during difficult times. We share our successes and failures. Most of all, we feel supported because we know there are thousands of others like us doing our best to create and share joy.

Why Michelle feels passionately about waiting warriors:

I want military spouses to learn how to be emotionally, mentally and physically healthy, in a word, to thrive. Marriages don’t have to be torn apart by deployments or hanging by a thread at retirement. Spouses don’t have to drown in loneliness and overwhelmed by parenthood during separations. Children don’t have to be estranged from their service member parents. I want to educate you on healthy ways to cope with and discuss the heavy burdens of the military lifestyle, instead of burying feelings and suffering from depression, anxiety, or resentment. I want to help you intentionally plan specific ways to connect, find joy, and grow closer as families during separations. I want to teach you to communicate and work together effectively to keep you marriage strong and healthy. In short, I you to understand, as a military family, that survival isn’t the only option. With proper tools and support, we can all truly thrive.

Michelle's Goals:

My goal is for my Waiting Warriors to not only have the tools they need to successfully navigate this lifestyle, but that they will have the hope and confidence that they can be happy through it all.


#42- Michelle Hansen - Organization Solutions

Latter-day Saint blogger and Creator

Who Michelle Helps:

I help moms organize their homes and their lives so that they can have a more peaceful home and life.

Where to find Michelle:

You can find her shop here.

How Michelle Helps:

It’s easy to look at Instagram and Pinterest and see the perfect million-dollar homes and wish we had the same. But I love helping my readers realize that it doesn’t create happiness. It’s all about working with what you have and using practical solutions to make your home beautiful and perfect for you. God designed us to be creators, and creating a beautiful home that we love is one way we can do that. I have tons of free designs that are designed to help others organize their lives, create better habits, and beautify their homes.

Why Michelle feels passionately about waiting warriors:

Creating a clean, organized, clutter-free home evokes peace and allows us to feel the spirit. And when we feel the spirit, we allow ourselves to feel happy. The Topical Guide in the scriptures says that “the Home is next to the Temple in sacredness”. I believe it’s our responsibility to do the best we can to recreate those feelings in our homes so the spirit can reside in our homes.

Michelle's Goals:

My readers will come away being inspired to create a beautifully organized home that invites the spirit. Although I don’t directly target LDS mom’s, this is my end goal. I want mom’s to have more peace, control and time to do the things that they love. It’s easy to waste time looking for things at home because things are unorganized. But if everything has a ‘home’ it is a huge time saver so they can get back to being with their family and doing the things they love.

#43- Nicolette Alger - Financial Coach

Latter-day Saint blogger and Coach

Who Nicolette Helps:

I help women of faith to organize their finances and better manage their money.

Where to find Nicolette:

You can find her courses here.

How Nicolette Helps:

I help women of faith understand how finances affect their peace of mind, how religion and finances are interconnected, and how to shift from a scarcity mindset towards a more abundant mindset. My curriculum covers awareness-tracking your money, creating your net worth statement, as well as skills (value based budgeting, automation) and tools (savings plan, debt payoff plan). We discuss topics like improving your credit score, increasing income, decreasing expenses, adding income streams and maximizing cash flow. I help women and families move from financial chaos, anxiety and overwhelm to financial organization, awareness, peace and a having a workable plan in place.

Why Nicolette feels passionate about money matters:

I used to be confused about money, made big mistakes, and took years correcting those mistakes. I wanted better for my kids, my family and myself. Through years of study, and trial and error, I learned how to create the kind of financial situation I would like to have. I want to teach other people so they don’t have to spend the time I spent or make the mistakes I made.

Nicolette's Goals:

My goal is for clients to have less stress, fear and anxiety around money, less overwhelm. They will have more opportunity, freedom, organization, peace, and confidence in the present and confidence for the future.

#44- Nikki & Sydney - Holistic Coaching

Latter-day Saint Health Coaching Team

Who Nikki & Sydney Help:

We coach women with hormone and energy imbalances.

Where to find Nikki & Sydney:

You can their website HERE.

How Nikki & Sydney Help:

Women are doing AMAZING things in this world. Meanwhile most of them are struggling to sleep restfully, avoid burnout, loose a few pounds, be kinder to themselves and others, stop eating so much sugar, lower their blood pressure, avoid the drive-through line, get off of Diet Coke, stay awake at 3 pm and stay asleep at 3 am. Women need Nutritional Therapy to unlock their huge potential to feel happy, healthy, and comfortable in their own body. We teach them what they need to do and then give them some encouraging daily accountability to help them get it done and start living their new normal that will last generations.

Why Nikki & Sydney feel passionate about helping women feel better:

We LOVE witnessing the incredible changes that happen with FOOD and water and some accountability. Sleep. Energy, Happiness. Libido. Weight loss. Blood pressure. No cravings. And even better, women share it with their family and others. Our passion is helping others lengthen their life and shorten their suffering.

Nikki & Sydney's Goals:

Our goal is for you to have more energy, balance, health and happiness. We want you to have fewer aches and pains, fewer food cravings and less burnout.

Nikki & Sydney's Gift For You:

For all the women who are addicted to sugar and experience hormone imbalance, you need “The Sugar Bundle” This is a FREE digital package that will give you multiple things you need to get started with Nutritional Therapy. It includes a printable cheat sheet with the five daily habits every woman needs to be well. It also includes a 4 week meal plan and a few extra goodies.


#45- Tanya Goodall Smith - Brand & Marketing Strategist

Latter-day Saint business strategist, storyteller

Who Tanya Helps:

I help women service providers scale their business without stress.

Where to find Tanya:

How Tanya Helps:

I utilize brand and marketing strategy, design and storytelling to help you increase brand awareness, attract ideal clients and create a more profitable business so you can make more money without working more hours.

Why Tanya feels passionately about helping women business owners:

I want every woman to have the peace of mind and personal empowerment I’ve experienced through successful business ownership on her own terms. Having more financial resources without sacrificing your desire for flexibility to be available for other interests or family responsibilities is life changing!

Tanya's Goals:

More power, freedom, clarity, money, time, peace of mind, clients you love to work with who are happy to pay whatever you charge, a clear brand message and beautiful brand/website/social media you’re proud to share with the world. Less stress, confusion, penny pinching clients, embarrassing website, wrong fit inquiries, wasted time and money on marketing that doesn’t work, guilt for spending time “working” instead of being present with your family, and more.

Tanya's Gift For You:

#46- Tiffany Rhoton - Young Adult Guide

Latter-day Saint blogger and Coach

Who Tiffany Helps:

I help young adults find direction in their life and confidence for the future.

Where to find Tiffany:

You can contact her HERE.

How Tiffany Helps:

I take young adults who are lacking direction, feel stuck in their lives, and fear the future and give them tools and strategies for how to make great decisions and have confidence in themselves and their future. I coach one-on-one or group coach. I have also developed an 8 week course on “Finding Happiness as a Young Adults.” This program takes them through the 8 pillars of being a young adult and helps them address the most important, but often the most stressful parts of their lives.

Why Tiffany feels passionate about helping young adults:

I adore young adults!!! I remember being a young adult, feeling overwhelmed and worried about my future and all the decisions I needed to make. And now I am watching 4 of my own young adult children try to navigate through lots of decisions. My goal is to help all young adults find confidence in themselves and in their ability to make good decisions. I teach them the most important parts of decision-making and get them unstuck. I want them to be hopeful and excited as they map out this very important time of life!

Tiffany's Goals:

Young Adults who work with me will find direction, move forward in making decisions, and find greater confidence in who they are and what they have to offer the world.

#47- Ty Alan Gardner - Storyteller

Latter-day Saint blogger

Who Ty Helps:

I help people seeking to see Christ in the mundane, the confusing, and the difficult aspects of life.

Where to find Ty:

You can find his free e-book here.

How Ty Helps:

I write regular articles intended to uplift and inspire those seeking to follow the Savior, as well as those who aren’t sure what to think about the Savior, the Church, or just the difficulties in their lives. I provide free e-books targeting the path of faith in the midst of struggle, and I am working on a full length book addressing similar issues. I also provide recommendations of tools that can be used to grow closer to Christ, to see more good in the world, and be a light to those around us.

Why Ty feels passionate about faith-promoting stories:

I believe that words have power. I’ve found time and time again throughout my life that the words I am filling myself with – through music, entertainment, reading, etc – have a significant impact on my outlook, my attitude, and my resolve. As we fill ourselves with goodness, we become instruments that can also create goodness. We become people who can act to make our world, our church, and our homes places of light.

Ty's Goals:

The goal of all my work is to provide people with more hope, grace, and commitment in their walk with Christ. Along with this desire is a desire to build not only open eyes, but open hearts – so that we can see Jesus in the places and situations we least expect. As we see Jesus working in our daily lives, we’ll also find an added ability to love people where they are.

#48- whitney archibald - elevating motherhood

Latter-day Saint blogger, podcaster, course creator

Who whitney Helps:

I help moms who are eager to learn from each other.

Where to find whitney:

You can find Whitney’s Meal Planning Course HERE.

How whitney Helps:

I do the research that most moms don’t have time to do, beyond conversations at the playground. I interview different moms to find out how they solve the same problems, from parenting to personal development to home management. I also listen to podcasts, and read books and articles about these challenges. Then I synthesize what I learn into podcast episodes that present several different approaches. My hope is that moms will experiment with these ideas to find solutions that best suit their own circumstances, challenges, personalities, and families.

Why whitney feels passionate about helping moms:

I want to empower mothers and elevate motherhood. Like any mom, I vacillate between feeling overwhelmed and in control, tenuous and confident, frustrated and fulfilled. I want to provide a smorgasbord of ideas so moms—including myself—can find ways to make life simpler, more joyful, and more meaningful. I want to amplify mother’s voices and influence, by broadcasting their voices, promoting their podcasts, and sharing their fabulous ideas.

whitney's Goals:

Moms who listen to my podcast and take my online courses will learn how to be more strategic about motherhood and home management. They’ll find solutions that fit their unique family. They’ll get comfortable experimenting with new approaches and learning from both failures and successes.

whitney's Gift for you:

When moms sign up for my newsletter, I send them a worksheet (PDF) that will help them write their own job description for motherhood. It helps them identify their priorities and the unique needs of their families, and then figure out how to make their day-to-day work as mothers serve these needs and priorities.



There you have it!  The (ever-growing) Ultimate list of Latter-day Saint bloggers and podcasters.  I hope they inspire you to search for the goodness God designed you for.  I know it is there!

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