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Attention Latter-day Saint Mompreneurs!

Are You Ready To Create A Business You Know Will Be Profitable AND Manageable As A "Mother Who Knows?"

There are 6 mistakes Latter-day Saint Moms repeatedly make when starting an online business:

(I know because I made them myself years ago and have personally helped hundreds of women who’ve made the same mistakes)

1. unhelpful Mindset

This is you if: You are burned out from giving everything away for free or are afraid to start an online business because you have no credentials other than experience and don't want to bomb and be thoroughly embarrassed

2. Lack of Boundaries

This is you if: You can rock being a mom/wife, ministering sister or business owner one at a time, but never all 3 at once, and find yourself saying "just a minute" to your kids on repeat.

3. Disorganization

This is you if: You constantly wish you had 28 hours in a day you and are physically involved with your kids, but mentally thinking of social media hacks and blog post topics - anything but your adorable kids playing hide and seek.​

4. Comparison

This is you if: You haven't started your business yet because "someone else has already done it." You hate that you feel physically ill when a competitor posts about their success on social media.

5. Not understanding your customer

This is you if: You wonder why friends who were so enthusiastic about your great idea aren't showing any interest in your business​, or you've run out of ideas for your blog, podcast or YouTube channel, and email list.

6. No Product

This is you if: You put hours into your business each week, but make but make pennies (if that). You aren't sure how much longer you can wait until you have enough traffic to qualify for significant income from an ad company.

How would your life be different if:


good start game plan mockup

An online course that teaches my 6-step process for starting a content marketing business you know will be profitable and manageable as a Latter-day Saint mom

There are 4 main ways That The Good Start Game plan is different from other Online business courses:

1. Designed For Busy Moms

2. Gospel Centered

3. Designed to change you

4. Foundational

90% of the problems you face in your business are the result of a weak foundation – you have a firm foundation for your home, why not your businesses?  I’ll walk you through my 6-step process for building a firm foundation for your business.

As you apply what you learn in the Good Start Game Plan, you will:

Here is what's included:

Module 1 - The Mindset Purge

The road to success starts in your mind, and if your mind is full of mental roadblocks and landmines, your business won’t make it.  Yet, many Latter-day Saint women fill their minds with dangerous mental landmines:

  • I’m don’t have anything to offer online
  • No one will pay for what I do
  • I’m not techy
  • I just want to serve so I give everything away for free

When you build a house, you must excavate out the dirt before you can pour the foundation.  If you want to build a successful business, you must “excavate” your mental landmines. 


Once you complete Module 1 – The Mindset Purge, your thoughts will propel you toward income and impact instead of keeping you from it.

Module 2 - Boundaries of Bedrock

If you’ve ever thought: “I can be successful at home or church or business, but never all 3 at once,” Boundaries of Bedrock is for you.


Just like your home’s foundation would crumble without footings, your priorities will crumble without clear boundaries.


Once you complete Module 2 – Boundaries of Bedrock, you will know what you your top 4 priorities are and have a written contract that details how you will honor them so that you can be awesome at business, church and family.

Module 3 - Operation Organization

You can’t put walls on top of your footings until those footings have cured – otherwise, you’d squish them.


The same is true of your boundaries.  If you just build your business right on top of them, they get squished. 


So how do you “cure” your boundaries to make sure they are firm?  You get organized!


Once you complete Module 3 – Operation Organization, you will have systems and processes in place that will allow you to honor your boundaries and focus your time on what matters most in  your business and with your family.

Module 4 - Discover Your Superpower

Once your footings are cured, you need a slab of concrete for your basement foundation.  Once this is poured is when your home starts to actually take shape.  You can see how it stands out against the dirt around it.


If you are to succeed in online business, you must stand out.  Otherwise you will blend in.  But you actually don’t  need to do anything special to stand out, you simply need to embrace the superpower God gave you.


Once you complete Module 4 – Discover Your Superpower, you will know exactly what you superpower is and how it can help you stand out in a crowded online market without comparing yourself to others.

Module 5 - The Problem Quest

It’s time for the basement walls!  After your pour your outside walls, your home begins to take even more shape!  The walls separate what is inside your home from what is outside of it.


In your business, you need to separate who you will serve and help  AND who you won’t.  BOTH are important. 


You may have heard this called “creating an Avatar,” but the unique approach you’ll find here is unlike anything you’ve been taught before.


When  you finish Module 5 – The Problem Quest you will know exactly what your target market is struggling with and how they describe their problems in their own words.  

Module 6 - The Perfect Product

A home wouldn’t be a home without rooms – and for rooms you need walls.


Each “room” in your business is a problem that you solve and the solutions are your products.


At the end of Module 6 – The Perfect Product you will know exactly what product(s) your followers will be willing to pay for so that you can be profitable right from the start.


Are you ready to build a business you know will be profitable and manageable?

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Course Modules:

Unique Features:



What Jamie Thinks

“I can’t speak highly enough of Misty’s skills, abilities, and sincerity. I have been blogging for many years, and I often felt like I was stumbling around in the dark trying to figure out the blogging world.

I wish I had found Misty ten years ago! Ever since I have received Misty’s support and mentorship, my blog has skyrocketed. She has helped me hone my vision, refine my unique blogging goals, and navigate the issues that come with the territory.

Her knowledge base is broad and deep, and yet, she is personable and encouraging. She truly radiates the light of Christ, and I feel her light and love in every interaction and conversation we’ve had.

With Misty’s help, my overwhelm has finally lifted and I am moving forward toward my goals of spreading light through the online world. Thank you Misty, for sharing your light, your guidance, your caring, and your compassion!”

"Ever since I have received Misty's support and mentorship, my blog has skyrocketed."

45 day money back guarantee

I am certain the The Good Start Game Plan will change your business for the better.  It will allow for a better balance of all your priorities, and less mom guilt.  I am so certain that I offer a 45 day money back guarantee.  You don’t even have to show your work.  The only requirement is that you email me and tell me at least 1 thing you tried from the course and why/how it was not helpful (so I can improve it in the future).


I'm Misty Marsh

I built The Good Start Game Plan course for you

Misty holding you've got this flag

I’m a mom of 4 kids, and I’ve built 4 online businesses since the oldest (twins) were born in 2007. The first business was a couponing blog, which wasn’t really profitable, then a Preparedness website, which I successfully sold for 6-figures in early 2018, and, most recently, a web-design service-based business that I closed in late 2019 to start this business.  

Through coaching many Latter-day Saint women, I realized that a weak business foundation is at the root of almost all the issues you face in your business, and I’ve distilled that foundation down to the 6 steps that are the 6 modules of this course.

My first business failed because I had no foundation, and my 2nd floundered for years until I went back and retrofitted a firm foundation.  I want you to learn from my failures – and my success so you can:

  • Move past discouragement and fear as you follow the path God has called you to
  • Find the people you are meant to serve and be confident in and passionate about what you have to offer them
  • Let go of the mom guilt because you are finally able to be physically AND mentally present with your kids

Is The Good Start Game Plan Right for you?

The Good Start Game Plan is not the right fit for anyone and everyone, and I’d rather you figure that out now then waste your time.

The Good Start Game Plan IS for:
The Good Start Game Plan is NOT for:

Here's why you need the Good Start Game Plan Today

“The wise woman built her house upon a rock”

I don’t want you to look back in 6-12 months STILL

  • Feeling like you can rock being a great wife/mom OR a great business owner OR a great YW president, but not all 3 at once or
  • Chasing customers – even begging – them to give your product a chance or
  • Waiting for what feels like F-O-R-E-V-E-R for your ad revenue to actually pay you more per hour than McDonalds would

Business can be fun and renewing – yes, it will still take hard work, but with The Good Start Game Plan, the work you put in will actually measurable results and progress.

Remember, the best time to start is yesterday and the next best time is NOW.

Misty Marsh calling you


When does the course start and finish?

The course starts as soon as you enroll.  You will have access to all 6 modules immediately.

AND, you will have lifetime access to the course and can work through it at your own pace.

What tools do I need to complete the course?

You will need access to a computer, a Facebook account, a printer (if you want to print out the worksheets) and a google account.

What if I want a refund?

I plan to exceed your expectations with the course.  I am so certain of it that I offer a 45 day money back guarantee. 

You don’t even have to show your work.  The only requirement is that you email me and tell me at least 1 thing you tried from the course and why/how it was not helpful (so I can improve it in the future).

What if I have a question during the course?

You can ask questions via your homework or any feedback form and can expect an answer from me (Misty) or someone one my team within 72 hours (and often much sooner).


You will also have 6 weeks free access to “Ask Me Anything” where you can join me (Misty) live bi-weekly to ask me any questions you have about your business at all.

Can I take this course if I'm not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?



Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints do not have a monopoly on goodness!  If you want to balance spreading goodness and serving with selling and earning an income, then you will fit right in here.


I do quote leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the course, and I will relate best to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, simply because I am one!  But I will not push my religion on anyone.  


In addition, all of the skills I teach will apply regardless of your religious affiliation.  While the majority of the women I coach and work closely with are Latter-day Saints, not all of them are, and I welcome the friendship of many more!

I have a question not answered here

Just send me an email at

How much time will it take me to complete the course?

First, virtual high-five for thinking about putting things into action already – that will be key for getting the full value from this course.


Total instruction time, including the bonuses, is around 6 1/2 hours.  But remember, that time is all split into multiple 5-15 minute videos so that you can use small pockets of time to work on this course.


In addition to the instruction time, you will need to implement what you are learning.  This time will vary from person to person and depend on where you are at in your business, but I estimate it to be somewhere between 10-20 hours total.


Using the bonuses to create your first freemium (aka lead magnet) and product will add additional time to that – maybe another 5-10 hours.


So even if you are at the top of the spectrum, you could complete the course in about 6 weeks if you were to dedicate around 6 hours per week.

If you Fail to Plan, you are planning to fail

(Benjamin Franklin)

Start (or retrofit) your business foundation now