Why you need to pivot your business

How to Thrive During A Business Crisis


What Does This Make Possible?

As I write this article in March 2020, I’m practicing social distancing.  My kids are being home-schooled.  None of us have seen our friends for 3 weeks.  We are living on our food storage (mostly).  And my Facebook feed is full of sad stories of struggling businesses.  It’s tough times.  Easy to feel hopeless, scared and even desperate.

But what if we change our mindset?  What if instead of focusing on all that we can’t do, we instead asked:

“What does this make possible?” 

There are businesses who are doing just this and I want to tell you all about ’em today.  

How can you Pivot?

I pray you find hope in the stories I share today – in these businesses ability to pivot – or to change and adapt – to our new circumstances.  Here are a few meanings of the verb “pivot”:

  • To turn, rotate or veer
  • To keep one foot in place and move the other foot one step in any direction
But one particular meaning of the noun “pivot” is my favorite:
  • Anything on which someone vitally (aka necessary to life) depends on

The life of your business depends on your ability to pivot!  How can you keep one foot firmly on your business goals and ideals while moving the other foot in a different direction than you had anticipated in your businesses? I want you to remember, while these businesses are pivoting because of a national crisis, you can pivot in your business for any type of crisis or roadblock you face.

Pivot Points in History

The Coronavirus – or whatever other crisis you are currently facing – can be a pivot point for your business and life.

  • Factory fires like the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, were a pivot point for creating better fire and labor safety laws.
  • World War II was a pivot point for women becoming more accepted in the workplace as few men were available on the homefront.

What will this current crisis make possible for you if you pivot?  Let’s look at a few examples to spark your imagination of what is possible!

Megan Hanson owns LovePrayTeach.com

She, and her team, create lesson helps for families and teachers in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These are digital downloads that can be used instantly when purchased. We follow the manuals provided by the Church closely, and provide extra coloring pages, activities, object lessons, and teaching ideas that can help parents and teachers who feel overwhelmed by their callings, or just need a little something extra to help them.

How Megan is Pivoting

Megan Says:

Since we are no longer able to go to Church, we are tweaking each of our lesson packets to be able to be used by (1) parents and (2) teachers who want to still stay connected to their classes.

We typically provide group activity ideas, but we are now providing ideas and worksheets that can be used by one or two people (or a family) so they can be used in the home. We’re also adding ideas that an older child/teen can use to teach their younger siblings

We are also making some of the printables smaller since they won’t be used on boards for a classroom to see. For example, our Singing Time activities are now on 1-3 pages for an entire song. These can easily be added to a binder and kept for family use for the whole year!

We are also including images that can be shared in texts or on social media so teacher’s can send them to their students, along with ideas on how a teacher can stay connected with their class.

Last, we also have provided a coupon for 25% that is good through May 31st. We’ve had many people sign up for our annual subscriptions with this coupon code!  You can get this coupon code by following us on Instagram here!


Sharon Costanzo owns SharonCostanzo.com

Sharon helps overworked moms renegotiate their responsibilities at home so they have more energy and less conflict with their partners.

She works 1:1 with my clients to coach them through the process of defining their goals for improved partnership at home, honoring their needs and setting boundaries, and developing a more collaborative and cooperative partnership with their family members.

How Sharon is Pivoting

Sharon Says:

My main pivoting is to increase my presence online and social media. I am going to start providing free educational videos via youtube and other free tips and resources via Facebook and Instagram.


Dr Elizabeth Rudd owns WellEquiptPt.com

Dr Rudd helps active adults who feel compromised by pain achieve wellness by equipping them with tools they need to live an active, pain-free and healthy life.

Well Equipt Physical Therapy strives to be the community’s resource for achieving wellness by bridging the gap between medicine, physical activity, and a healthy lifestyle. We provide a unique approach to healthcare as a private-pay, out of network rehab and performance center. This model allows us to focus on wholehearted commitment to each client with direct, one-on-one care. Our patients seek us out to diagnose and understand their pain, receive and implement a plan to fix it, and prevent the pain from ever coming back. We specialize in orthopedic care through a unique blend of strength & conditioning, education, movement analysis, pain management and personalized programming to equip patients with the tools they need to live an active lifestyle.

How Dr Rudd is Pivoting

Dr Rudd Says:

We have pivoted to providing online services to our active community. We provide Telehealth for pain consults, so patients can understand their pain and create a plan to fix it.

We also provide Telehealth services to create customized daily exercise programs that ensure strength gains and reinforce proper movement patterns so patients can remain active without pain.

Lastly, we provide a golf fitness training program online to help golfers improve their game and ability to play pain free. The program consists of simple daily exercises and stretches that specifically target common fitness deficits that impact the swing. This program can be completed at the client’s leisure.


Michelle Hartman owns The Sliced Pair

She provides several different designs of trendy, unique leather and cork earrings each week. She shares her designs and connects with customers in my shop on FB. Her designs are unique, affordable, and are so much fun to create.

How Michelle is Pivoting

Michelle Says:

My sales were much lower than normal due to COVID-19 until… I began making Toilet Paper Shortage Awareness Earrings! They have been a big hit, and have brought smiles to everyone who sees them. I honestly questioned myself when I was making my first pair. I thought it was foolish and silly, and no one would be interested. I shared my doubts with my customers and got my first few orders from that post. It took off from there, and has kept my business afloat during what would otherwise be a very slow time for my business.


Charisse Merrill owns CharisseMerril.com

I help stay at home mom entrepreneurs who wish they could get more leads and clients by helping them take the frustration out of getting new leads on your email list and to your calls. She helps them save time getting leads by being off social media more than being on it. She teaches how to use Pinterest to get consistent leads to your business… when you’re out of town, busy with kids, or working minimal hours each week.

How Charisse is Pivoting

Charisse Says:

I typically only offer strictly one-on-one coaching and homework assignments, but with the world’s changes, I realize how hard this is for me with all my kids home, and you with your kids home..and the time limitations with it.

Instead, I will be providing an online program with checklists and a weekly Facebook Live Q and A session. This allows mom to watch and learn at their own pace, with kids or without kids and continue to ask questions.

I can continue to give valuable feedback and provide this at a hugely discounted rate than my one-on-one coaching program. It’s hard to grow your business with kids home extra and to remember the conversations you need to keep up with. Pinterest doesn’t take any conversations, and once set up only takes 10 min a day.

More time for you to spend with your kids while they are home. More time for you to work on the money movers in your business. Less money out of your pocket.


Ashley Stuart owns RethinkClutter.com

She helps high octane moms and grandmas that want to invest time in relationships rather than spend time on stuff!

She gets you to three bases so you can get yourself to a home run of purposeful ownership!

  1. Recognize and dig into emotional attachments
  2. Create forward momentum with organization
  3. Boost personal and business productivity

She teaches through speaking/coaching.  She can show you with in-home services, and  can make it easy to do both with my elite Organizational Grid Program!

You are better than a marriage counselor! You literally revolutionized our home office and our lives!

How Ashley is Pivoting

Ashley Says:

I have always done everything in home and in person. I have dropped nuggets of information online but never anything I made an income from.

I am now pivoting to make the majority of my income from online services. I have never had virtual offers before and I’m excited to be “forced” to do something I probably should have done a long time ago but was too scared to do.


Yes, I am pivoting too!  If you are new here, welcome!  My name is Misty Marsh and I help Latter-day Saint women turn their blogs and podcasts into businesses.

If you want to turn your blog (or podcast) into a full-fledged business and share your talents and goodness online without sacrificing your home-centered focus, then welcome – you have found a community of like-minded women.  I’d like to do all I can to help you.

How I am Pivoting

I am launching an eCourse!  My husband thinks I’m nuts.  The last time I launched an eCourse (with a previous business), it took me 18 months to create, but this time, I plan to do it in just 11 days.  Crazy, right?  I hadn’t planned to create this course now – I’d thought maybe in 6-12 months after I’ve really built a solid audience.  But then I realized that you need this course NOW – you need it more than ever.

The Good Start Game Plan will launch on Thursday, April 2nd!  Because of the current economic situation, it will be available at a “pay what you can rate” for a limited time.  Through this course, I will help you build a solid foundation for an online business so you can be great at your business without sacrificing your family.  We will cover business mindset, setting boundaries, getting organized online, creating a “launch team” for your website or product, discovering your superpower, how to find the problems you can solve, and how to really stand out online.

If you want to be notified when the course is live so you don’t miss the “pay what you can” rate, make sure you are on my email list!




A recession doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful in business. Don’t believe me?  Look at this list of wildly successful businesses that started during the last recession:

Plus, thanks to the Coronavirus, more and more people will be comfortable looking online for what they need, so starting an online business now is smart.

Instead of focusing on everything you can’t do, try focusing on what the current crisis makes possible for you.  Use the examples above to inspire you and if you want help building a firm foundation for your online business, make sure you are on my email list so you are notified when The Good Start Game Plan course launches!

And don’t forget to let me know in the comments how YOUR business will be pivoting!

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